Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meezer Monday

It's me Latte! I'm back!!! Thanks to Miles and Sammy for pitching in and helping out. I want to remind everyone that there is still a need to donate to project HAM! So please help if you can.

Meowmy swears she's going to keep up on the posts today. I've given her The Look so she'd better.

is getting his hoo-ha's removed today so lets all send him so purrs!

getting away with things just for being cute.

Sammy's really busy finishing a puzzle. Want to help?

been hitting the campaign trail hard again!

Chairman Mao's hanging out on his Man Cat & Meezer Monday.

mom is still sick and she's a very needed lady! He needs her Photoshop help for VD day but it looks like she's not going to be able to help out. Lets purr for her!

Tavi's looking for treats!

Castle is looking quite content after a nice large meal.

Castor got some lovely valentine's gifties!

Kavan asks a special someone to be his Valentine! (Did anyone else miss him becoming such a big man cat? I still think of him as a little kitten)

Baby Mao is all dressed up for the Oscar party.

has a manly meezer monday and has a Valentine.

Yao-lin is dressed to kill!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

I have to share my post with my brother again today, and I'm starving!!! I haven't been fed since last night. And Dragonheart keeps mentioning being "fixed" with makes no sense, because I'm not broken.

Two Meezer Brothers said...

Don't worry Merlin. We got 'fixed' a little while ago. We don't really notice anything different.

Come check out our blog and the lovely gifties my Sophie sent me!


dennis said...

Dennis is amazed at how much goes on in the cat blog world.