Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello fellow Meezers!!! I am excited about Meezer Rule Wednesday!! Halloween is coming up on us too!!

One rule for today is: voting in the Fall Contest and maybe leaving a donation to match ours and Latte's is a good thing. Thanks!!!

My other rule for today is: putting your cold wet paws on a sleeping face is 56 different kinds of fun. and you learn new werds too!

We have a new Meezer Rule poster this week - ELLIE!! and she loves veggies too!

Miss Pinky at Krasota Castle believes that kittens shoud have their own blogs. ::covers Billy's eyes::

Merlin has a rule about sharing laps

Casey has a rule about dealing with things you don't like

Chey is denying everything

Um, yeah, Latte's post is beyond words

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