Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dedication of Lights

We've all lost a lot of wonderful friends in this past year. Siamese Rescue Center has a wonderful year end tradition of celebrating those we miss with their Dedication of Lights. If you go onto their website you can make a donation and have a light lit at their celebration in honor of those that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. There is no size, color, breed restriction, its simply a lovely way to remember our loved ones and help meezers in need at the same time. If you make the donation on their website you can even upload a picture and a short story.

I asked my Meowmy to sponsor Simply Siamese and she agreed. We will be making a donation in honor of Tiki, Dino, Storm, Caesar the friends we have lost in the past year. We donated $10 per friend and you can see the dedication here . If the page number changes just go to the "P" section (for our last name) and you'll see the Simply Siamese dedication.

If you would like to make your own dedication that is awesome! Simply go to the Dedication of Lights page and honor any other friends as we know we didn't just loose Meezers this past year, there were many many friends who remain in our hearts.



Anonymous said...

Aww man this is such a beautiful wonderful idea!!!

Castle said...

that is just so wonderful of you...we never knew about The Dedication of Lights!

Thank you for remembering Stormie and all the friends that we have lost, we are very touched...xxx