Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meezer Rule and Colors Wednesday

Hi efurryone!! I'm sorry that I haf been absent lately. Our the mom has just let us down terribly. I will make shur that she gets out all of the invitations to join Simply Siamese as posters this weekend.

Our furriends Egypt and the Muskateers, founders of Meezer Rule Wednesday, haf announced Meezer Colors Day for this year. Last year it was a great success, and this year we can all do our posts right here on Simply Siamese!!! Start thinking about your colors - somefing to match your eyes or points or furs, or somefing that will contrast and make your eyes really pop, or your points really shine, or your furs really look fawny or beigey.

The rules for Meezer Colors Day are fairly straightforward:

You must be a meezer, meezer bun, honorary meezer, or a feline living with or related to a meezer. A person pretending to be a cat, a meezer, or dressed in a cat suit does not count.
You may use objects or whatever else is handy to highlight your meezer colors.
Photoshop enhancements are limited to brightness/contrast adjustments, resizing, red-eye reduction, and background scenes. If you adjust the colors of your background scenes, make sure it does not turn the color of your furs, points, and eyes to an unusual color.
Please mark Wednesday, June 10, 2009 on your calendars for Meezer Colors Day.

So, my rule for today - GET YOUR COLORS READY

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CCL Wendy said...

i has a question. how duz u become an honorary meezer so u can has sum fun?