Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday everycat! It's a wonderful Meezer Rule Wednesday today! Ferst Mao and our honorary Russian Blue Meezer Annie came home, and then our fearless leader Latte finally hadded good blood werk results! WHEW! What a scare!

In light of the events of the past few days, here is my Meezer Rule for today

When your friends are missing or sick, or sad and need our help, always make sure to send out lots and lots of purrs to help them - because they always work!

Remember to leave a comment or a link and I will update your rules throughout the day.

Over at my house, little brother Miles has a rule about stunts

Latte has a rule about being sick

Annie says it's better inside than outside. YES it is.

Go ahead and make Chey's day!

Meezer Bun Fiona always gets the banana chip first!

Casey believes that snuggling withe a sibling is a good rule. And it is.

Merlin is a firm believer in the above rule as well!

Yao-lin has a great rule about getting respect

Over at Cat Crossings, there's plenty on the menu!

Scout has a great rule about use of the laser eyes.

Java has a great rule about litterbox smells!

Tiki and Tavi have a rule about sleeping positions

Toby has a great rule about showing the beans who's boss


Anonymous said...

Meezer buns always get the first banana chip! That's like getting the first temptation for a meezer kitty...

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That is a great Meezer Rule!

I have to share my post with Dragonheart today, but I have a rule about stealing your brother's warmth.


zevo calamari said...

We have awarded you the Thinking Blogger award for all your good work.
Come on by for a glass of champagne!