Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Meezer Bloggers

Hey efurryone!! There are some new Meezer Bloggers - I found them at Mao's blog when I was checking to see if he has returned home yet. PLEASE COME HOME MAO!!!

The new Meezer bloggers are named Sam (that's a great name) Sabrina and Simon - the St. Louis Meezers

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere St Louis Meezers! And welcome so Simply Siamese!!

Sammy and Miles Meezer

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STLMeezerMom said...

Thank you Sammy (and it IS a great name) and Miles! We appreciate you introducing us to everybody! And we have been reading your blog for a long time! Just remember, momma is a new blogger, so she may be a bit shy and slow at this at first. But she has been reading all of the kitty blogs for so long, and that is why she wanted us to join in the community and the fun. Now she will have to get that digital camera out and take more pictures of us beautiful meezers! And you two are so beautiful too! She did make another post tonite and put in a picture of our brother Max, who went to the Rainbow Bridge. He wasn't a meezer, but he was a darn handsome dude! Always dressed to kill ... LOL! Thanks again for thinking of us!

Sam (I had to go first, LOL), Sabrina and Simon
(and momma Jan too!)