Thursday, June 28, 2007

How much does this apply to you?

"One thing you should know about owning a Siamese Cat is that they can be as loud as a siren with a voice that sounds like a crying baby. They demand your attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. They are playful, fun-loving pets that you will come to love. Their dependence on you for attention is a sign of love you will be more than happy to return."

What does your voice sound like? Do you talk a lot? Do you love your humans?

I guess I'm not typical because I don't really have a loud voice. Though I do demand attention! I have to say, even though Kaze is an Oriental Shorthair, she fits this Siamese description perfectly.


Chairman Mao said...

I'm a typical Meezer in that way! I love, love, love attention, and I'm alwayz into stuff. Most of all, I get into stuff because that gets me attention, though I ain't exacktly starved for attention 'cause my beans fuss over me alla time. They think I'm the cutest little kittyboy they ever saw.

And yup, I talk, talk, talk... that's one reazon for my name, Chairman Mao, 'cause I'm alwayz sayin' MAO! MAO! MAO! MAO! MAO! MAOMAOMAOMAOMAOMAO!!! I alwayz say it purr-etty loud and sometimes I say it REALLY loud! I have kind of a high pitched voice and it's really clear and ringy-dingy.

I love talkin' and I love playin' and I love peoples and I love other kitties! I'm just a superfriendly little MAO-dude!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MAOMAOMAOMAOMAO!

The Meezer Gang said...

Stella and Celeste talk A LOTTTT! Kaia and Nick only talk when they have something to say, which is usually, "Feed me!"

Chey said...

Loud is a matter of perspective. I know I am the quietest meezer around, however my human says otherwise. I have lots of different voices, from the anxious feed me to the excited, FEATHERS! to the gentle murp.

The Meezers said...

yep, I am LOUD LOUD LOUD and I DEMAND attenshun ALL THE TIME. Sammy is loud sometimes and demanding sometimes, but not as much as me - Miles

Riley & Tiki said...

I don't look like a meezer, but I talk like a meezer. (Our kitty mommy is a meezer). I have to announce myself whenever I enter a room. I talk to the beans and my sister, and even the woofie! Tiki has a sweet little voice and doesn't talk too much, but I am LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!! I need all of the attention!


HRH Yao-Lin said...

Yes, yes, that sounds just like me. i talk and i talk and i talk and then i talk some more, sometimes i narrate what is on the tv and oftentimes I will talk over the humans when they are discussing interesting things. yes, I am an attention seeker, or rather, attention demander and i will use any means necessary to get the recognition I so deserve.


Skeezix the Cat said...

Mao never shuts up. Sheesh. It's like living in a hospitul nursrey. I'm vary lowd win I wunt to make a point. Like LET ME IN THE PEEPUL BEDROOM IT'S TIME TO CUDDLE NOW!!! I do that win they sleep in past 7. It sownds like a Tarzan yell.

meeyauw said...

Even though Buddy is half-Meezer, he barely speaks. He will mutter in this growly, irritated type of meow when he needs to get outside (and in the summer that is nearly all the time unless it rains). I was hoping that he would be talkative and loud. Turns out that I'm glad he's quiet because my feral Vermont cat talks non-stop and makes me nuts!