Monday, September 17, 2007

Meezer Monday

Today we're going to celebrate Skeezix! His 3rd birthday was yesterday and he's such a special friend to so many of us and we have to be sure to make his birthday very special. If you don't know Skeezix....I think that's impossible...but if you don't, you're life will be changed by meeting him! ~Latte

Casey shows off one of her prized socks!

Tobby is ashamed of his typing skills, go over and encourage him!

Chairman Mao is head over heals for his sweetie pie!

Tara is showing off her talented drinking techniques.

Pyewacket is causing trouble as only a mini-meeze can!

Latte is basically just looking meezerly today. OK, sometimes I just love to show off my blue eyes!

Miles is working on his story on his Gizzy-Quilt.

Storm is celebrating a special anniversary today. It is 9 months after her diagnosis and she has now exceeded the expectations of her vet! Congrats Storm! Oh, and Castle gets in on Meezer Man Cat Monday.

Mao shows off the tortures of his trip to the VET with Rocky last week.

Cheysuli is looking tasty today!!

Junior is being manly and doing a meme.

Napoleon shows us a feral snowshoe that might be his daddy!

Cha-Ching shows off his first Meezer Monday! He's doing a good job by eating human food.


leslie said...

For Meezer Monday, I sent you a link to me "a plottin' and a plannin' and a thinkin' up dirty deeds!"
Tonight I had another really good go at pulling the three foot by four foot painting off the living room wall. If they hadn't of interrupted me, I'm sure I could have got it off. They must be hiding something really big behind it! Meanies!

The Furry Fighter said...

today is a bit special for me...i am 9 months and a couple of days post diagnosis, which now means I have surpassed the 'average' survival rate of 6-9 months for lymphoma! :)

Scout said...

I am a meezer from Tennessee! I am glad I came here for a visit. It’s nice to see so many friendly meezer faces!

Have a great day!