Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meezer Monday

This is the very beautiful and fashion forward Tara Princess Meezer. She lives with her little brother Kavan and gets to Out of Doors on walks a lot. She's a sweet applehead seal point who loves the color purple. Today she and her brother Kavan are busy defending their yard from strangers behind the fence!

~Latte, your host for Meezer Monday

had some nice porch time while his football team actually won!

Stella is showing off one of her beautiful babies on Mommy Meezer Monday.

Casey is being introspective and beautiful!

Cheysuli is getting ready for the presidential debates this weekend being hosted by Skeezix! This is important and we should all take part since we have multiple meezer candidates.

Chairman Mao is looking really cute. No seriously, I warn you know your humans will say Awwww!

Junior is greeting the cooler fall air.

Um Sammy? I don't know about the 'begetable thing. I mean, first of all their begitables and secondly I've never heard of that kind. I guess I get the dirt though.

Tobby is busy looking like a stuffed animal. I think I have to worry....Meowmy is really in love with snow shoes!

Storm has an award and does the Scatergories meme.

Thanks Skeezix for this beautiful picture. Lacy was a special friend of the cat blogsphere and while she didn't have her own blog, she really enjoyed many of ours. We will miss you.


Tara said...

I'm flattered you put my picture up today! I do like my walks.

And that is a lovely graphic of Lacy. Farewell....


The Furry Fighter said...

tara is a beauty and ise vey glad to see such a wonderful photo of her here!

today ise got an award!!!

David E Maeda said...

that purple sweater looks great on tara.

zevo calamari said...

I love that sweater... do you think Tara will let me borrow it?

Love the rainbow picture of Lacy. We are sorry to hear the news.
zevo & the gang