Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hello and welcome to Meezer Monday! I hope you all enjoyed taking some of your rightful turkey over the holiday weekend. I myself find the leftovers better as they seem to be more freely given. Anyhow....back to the important stuff like what all the meezers are up to today! Again, Moewmy the lazy bean, will be behind in "work" so we'll update as soon as we can. I have tried firing her but she just won't leave. So I'm trying to work with least for the time being. Sigh..

~Latte (I'm rather boring today but cute. Well..I'm always cute I suppose.

Cheysuli has a new I Mac! She has that man well trained.

Sia has a naughty meezer monday!

Casey is raising her paw for the MEOW Foundation (well all 4 paws really!)

Chairman Mao is Man Catting it up with the 7 Things Meme.

Sammy & Miles are sleeping off their turkey hangovers while dreaming of their lovely girlfriend cats.

Kimo is obviously quite cold and hunkering down for winter.

Junior is surfing the net at high speeds at home!!

Tara & Kavan are having more fun at their Mountain House hunting some more creatures. And Kavan tried to escape!!!

Yao-lin is quite festive!

tells a story of Thanksgiving past and the One Who Came before.

Storm is looking might mesmerized but doing quite well.

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zevo calamari said...

Have a happy Meezer Monday!