Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good Morning Meezers! Welcome to Meezer Rule Wednesday. As always, I am Sammy Meezer, and I am here to guide you through the Rules.

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To start us off, my rule for today is:
When your bean is sleeping, and it's too freaking cold in the room, make shur that you stick your paws out in the cold air for a bit, then put them on your bean's face (or tummy if you are that brave). As I always say, it's all about payback.

Miles has 2 rules today - one about Peace (it's Blogblast for Peace Day!) and hometown Heroes (Godspeed Pam Melroy and the crew of the Discovery)

The lovely Meezer Diva Casey, our Presidential Candidate Chey, and Princess Tara and Kavan are also celebrating Peace Day.

Latte has a great rule about guarding your toys! very important!

Scout has a great rule about beating the beans up and down the stairs.

Caroline has found the perfect scapegoat!

Midnight over at Cat Crossings, has a rule about waiting for dinner!

One of the honorary Russian Blue Meezers at Krasota Castle has found some great packaging.


Scout said...

I am new to these rules, but I really likes them bunches! Sometimes I print them out and leave them for Mommy just she will know.

Tybalt said...

I will have to try out the cold paws trick the next time my mommy is naughty.

Purrs for peace to all Meezers!

Alexi said...

Hi, guys,
We posted Meezer Rule! Be sure to check it out... Peace, y'all.