Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hi fellow Meezers! It's me Sammy Meezer, back this week for Meezer Rule Wednesday!! First, I would like to thank Latte for filling in for me last week - awesome job Latte!!

My rule for today is this: If you put your toys in a certain spot and your human "cleans up" by moving them, make shur that you put them back where they were immediately.

As always, please leave a comment or a link. I will be updating all rules tonight!

Miles will only work for tem-tay-shuns

our new friend Mr Echo has great advice about new litter

Latte has a double meezer rule - if you can't upload, try try other options, AND, be a love hog and make your sibling jealous! great rules!

Annie has a rule about being a good parent

Mao Mao has a rule about making the moms go SQUEEEEEE

Tiki and Tavi have an important rule about making Gizzy Quilts look good in your house

Fiona the beautiful Meezer Bun has a rule about protecting your sibling

Chey reminds us to make sure there's a BIGGER scandal than yours

Scout shares with us how to get the crumbles out of the crunchy bowl

Over at Cat Crossings the humans are well trained thanks to the Rules


Pet's are 4 Life said...

a vote for Napoleon is a vote for Meezer beauty! everyones go to and votes for the last remaining meezer in the compition!! :)
I is so distracted by the compition I can't even come up wif a meezer rule!

Mr. Echo said...

My mom puts my toys in my pagoda tree howse all the time. I usually get it all cleaned out and the toys back whare I want them pretty fast.