Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's my favorite day of the week again! Lets see those rules!!!

To start things off, here's my rule:

when the beepy thing goes off, make sure you lay on your mom's chest so that she has to pet you for a while 'afore she gets up.

Tavi is making the mom happy

Meezer Bun Fiona gets her point across about washing the buns

Scout has a great whapping rule

Chey's rule is to guard your territory

Although we all hate the v-e-t, Alexi is very smart about checkups.

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Irishcoda said...

Hi thanks for visiting us! We think those are some common sense rules and we didn't realize it wasn't a Sunday post so we signed up on Mister Linky, oops!