Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Meezer Rules Wednesday

Hi everyone! Its Latte here filing in for Sammy & Miles this week. This means I get to give two rules. Gee, a meezer doesn't have more than one rule to live by do we?

My rule this week is that while as meezers we are centered around ourselves, sometimes we can be giving and help out friends and the joy you receive is better than any toy.

Miles has a rule about taking care that kittens don't over indulge at parties on nip.

Cheysuli has a rule on what you do when people encroach on your territory.

Chairman Mao
has a rule about color coordinating and he's an expert!

Krasota Castle Cats have a rule about nursing with a friend.

Scout gives some dating advice.

Tiki & Tavi advise you on sampling.

Our very own Meezer Bun Fiona has a rule about doing things on HER time.

1 comment:

zevo calamari said...

So many rules... so little time. Please pass the tequila!