Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purr for Cato!


UPDATE: Cato came through the surgery with flying colors. The vet feels that whatever the results of the pathology test, the mass was removed with clean margins. Now he must stay inside over night, which is a great trial. He is also having trouble eating. The pathology report is due on Tuesday. "Thank you for your concern about my health!"
Our good friend Cato is currently having some emergency surgery. His mom "took him in for a routine shot and the vet discovered a growth under his tongue. They are putting him under as I write and he should be able to go home by 5pm. The pathology report will take about three days. Best case scenario is that he has had an allergic reaction, given his history this is a good possibility. Worst case he has squamous cell cancer - fast and invasive. I am quite upset. Send some healing thought his way for the best case scenario."

Everyone send Cato healing purrs!!!

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