Sunday, December 9, 2007

Meezer Monday

Sorry Meezer friends, we just can't do our job today. Maybe Sammy or Miles can help out?


Latte buddy - We will certainly step in and help you out! Feel better soon LattesMom!!

- Sammy and Miles

Speaking of Mommies, I haf a warning for mine

Casey is showing off her gorgeous fur coat

Chairman Mao is sending out purrs to his girlfriendcat Ariel (who has to go to the v-e-t)

Cheysuli is MAD MAD MAD, and Oprah is dead to her.

Cato is also stirring things up in Iowa

Tara got some awsome secret paws stuff! Maybe she will share with Kavan!

Junior got a new fev-ver wand!

Princess Sia is having a snuggly Meezer Monday

Scout has a story about one who came before

Castor and Pollux are tussling experts!

Yao-Lin is showing off his gorgeous blue eyes and wonderful voice in a great video

Castle is a wonderful meezer mancat

JellyBean shows off her one eyed fishies!

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