Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meezer Monday

First of all thanks so much to Sammy & Miles for filling in last Monday. Meowmy was useless to us all. She's back today! So how were your weekends? Lets see some pictures of your meezertude!

~Latte (I'm freezing and avoiding being nibbled to death)

****Special Meezer Monday post by Storm the Furry Fighter****
She is a year in remission of her lymphoma!

Miles had a visit from the man in the bloo parka (instead of shorts) and it was from the Hotties!!

Cheysuli show her beautiful self in front of the tree (and while you can all gaze upon her beauty remember she is my wife!)

Pyewacket found the perfect gift for herself!

Casey is simply adorable!

Junior has a sensitive tummy and his Meowm is worried.

Tara & Kavan announce the aliens have returned!!!

Sia is rooting for her football team.

Yao-lin is very festive and regal at the same time.

Baby Mao needs a cuteness warning with his festive outfit!

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zevo calamari said...

happy monday to all!!!!!!!