Monday, July 16, 2007

Meezer Monday!!

Kaze is not really a Meezer, she's actually an Oriental Shorthair, one of the breeds that came from Meezers. But in the You-K where Yao-lin and Baby Mao live Kaze would be considered a Meezer by showing standards. Don't ask us though, all of that is WAY to confusing to figure out. She's got BIG ears, a pointy snout, and she's really long and skinny.

Today is Kaze's 1 year blogoversary!!! Please go congradulate her as she's all puffed up. Don't forget hers and my (Latte) contest! Today is the last question on her blog but tomorrow we start fresh over at my blog!

Leave your linkies and we'll add you to the list!

Miles is back from camping to find that he doesn't have to have any more blood stolen from him!

Casey is hot in more ways than one! Hehe....

Kimo has moved into his stroller permanently.

Latte shows how much he adores Kaze.

Stella is almost a mama kitty! You have to see her huge belly, she must be pretty tired these days.

Cheysuli now has Gemini as a guest blogger and she's working on her My Siamese page and asking for links to Siamese with cafe press stores. Plus her mom's new camera is coming today!

Luxor is showing off himself as a kitten. Who doesn't think kitten pictures are adorable?

Chairman Mao talks about his sister Brainball for an upcoming party.

Scout has a really nice collar that matches her beautiful blue eyes.

Tara has a video of Kavan playing with HER Whirly-Bird. Its also her mom's birthday!

Toby just wants to be played with!

Yao-lin went on a royal hunt and caught a mouse!

is showing off the best vantage point from her new porchy!

Balor looks like he's been blogging for quite a while but we didn't know about him. Lets all go say hi!

Baby Mao is looking mighty handsome for Kaia's sake.


The Meezers said...

we gots our Meezer Monday post up!

Cheysuli said...

Yeah Kaze! We'll be over to visit shortly!

Toby said...

Oh, man! Kaze looks so gorgeously wild! The Blonde One said something about the really cool photography -- I guess that had something to do with that annoying flashy box. I just think Kaze is beautiful! I'll have to go visit her for sure!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Kaze - you cleared that one up for me! I was confused because the breeder told my human that baby mao is a siamese but on the blogosphere all the cats like him are called oriental short hairs! That was confusing me for a while. i just think he is a stinky bum but at least I know he is supposed to be a real siamese! he he

Pet's are 4 Life said...

oooh, Kaze looks very dignified and almost regal!!