Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meezer Monday!!

Most of you know Sammy Meezer, one of our fabulous Simply Siamese members and everyone's host for Meezer Rule Wednesday. Sammy has decided he would like to work with tractors! His mom went to a tractor pull and he posted some crazy pictures.

Casey is attempting the Full Monty but hasn't figured it out yet.

Cheysuli models the necklace her Woman will be wearing in her wedding this weekend.

Toby is showing off some gorgeous meezer eyes!

Chairman Mao is giving off a Real Kool Mancat pose.

Napoleon (OK, how cute is he??!!) shows off his artsy side in black and white.

Latte is convinced there is a secret stash of Temptations under the street that his Meowmy won't let him have.

Kimo found a coffee named after him!

Stella is on day 63 so that means any day now she'll have her kittens!!!!!!!!

Sia says they're going to be fostering a mama kitty with 3 kittens.

Kavan is still sneezy. We call that a Sneezer in our house (instead of meezer). Lets all purr that he feels better soon!

Leave us your linkies we'll put together a synopsis.


Pet's are 4 Life said...

I is a mixed meezer, so I'm leaving my linkie... :)

~Napoleon and Hunter~
ps, Hunters not a meezer, but tell him that...hes very talkitive!!

Anita said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to my birthday party!

A lot of purrrrrrrrrrayersssss.

Lux said...

Hi, I pushed Luxor out of the way so I could come check this site out - it's great!

Ninna Sue