Monday, October 1, 2007

Meezer Monday

Rabit-rabit my friends! That is something that my Meowmy learned as a child, if you say rabit-rabit first thing on the first day of the month you will have a good month. Rabits sound tasty to me!!

This is Baby Mao. He is a Tabby Point Meezer who lives in the Yoo-kay with his brother, HRH Yao-lin. Baby Mao stinks a bit of poo but that's OK because he's really cute. In this country he would be called a seal lynx point (like Kaze) but in the Yoo-kay things make more sense and he's just meezer. Baby Mao is a sweet little guy who recently turned one year old.

Sammy is giving his mom laser eyes for calling him names.

Cheysuli has a debate wrap up. Be sure to check out the debates at Skeezix's blog as we have two meezers in the running, Chey and Cato.

Latte's roofers are back this morning. Please come give me a snuggle because they're terrifying and loud and above the cat room today!

Kavan took over to play with a fun toy and the kitchen chairs.

Kimo is blue missing his dad who's been away.

Chairman Mao is asking for some purrs for the lovely Brainball (who appears to be doing much better!!)

Tobby is showing off an adorable kitten picture of himself!!

Tamra has a movie of herself attacking.

Yao-lin's slave ordered a statue to his liking! Quite exquisite.

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michico 小芥 said...

This is very very cute photo of you~!!!!