Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good Morning fellow Meezers!! Can you believe it's already Meezer Rule Wednesday? WOW!! I am your host Sammy Meezer and I will be pointing you to the blogs of our fellow meezers who have posted rules for today!

First though, as always, here is MY rule:

Practicing your high flying routine in the middle of the night, with your human as your net is always fun. Especially when you get the big payoff for your dismount onto their stomach - the "OOF, STOP IT".

My little brother Miles has a rule about scarfing foods.

The lovely Princess Tara has a great rule about how to get blame placed on a sibling.

The beautiful diva Casey has a great rule about what should be on a beans 'puter.

MaoMao (Chairman Mao) has a really great rule about taking care of your mom.

Latte has a great rule about keeping your furs warm so that they don't get dark!

Baggy is supercat today over at Siamese and Oriental Cat Club!!

The cats at Krasota Castle give a great rule (and purrfekt pikshur) about being mouthy.

Baby Mao has a rule about appropriate halloween costumes!

HRH Yao-Lin gives us a great rule about the paparazzi that seem to plague all of us!

The lovely Caroline has a great rule about The Ones Who Came Before


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

I have a rule about desktop pictures.

*to mommy and daddy* Hmph!


Chairman Mao said...

I've got a mushy rule about cuddlin'!

SiameseOriental said...

I have a rule about dressing up as Superman!

Boy said...

I twied that fwying woutine once. Mine Mummy wasn't that happy, I wonder why?

Fab five said...

Flying throo da air
wit da greatezt of eeeze
goez da flyin' acro-batix of
Simply siam-eeze!!!!!

-Your pal,
Dr Tweety

HRH Yao-Lin said...

Mao and I have rules today although mine is infinitely better!