Friday, October 12, 2007

Panel of Meezer Judges Being saught

********Please Meezers, we need 3 more judges!! Anyone can volunteer!*******

How are your costumes for the Halloween Contest coming? Remember its for all cat bloggers but our sponsored category is for meezers and other cats dressing up as meezers. For the Halloween Contest I am not very good at making tough decisions myself so here's what I need:

5 Meezers who are interested in being on a panel of judges when the contest ends. If you are interested, please e-mail us. The first 5 meezers who e-mail us will be on the panel and the panel will be announced on Monday!


(Oh, if you don't hear back from us right away that is because Meowmy is out riding her horse this weekend. She never gets to go off of the farm so she's super excited. And if you would purr for her that would be great because I'd much prefer she come back in one piece!)

Meezer Panel:
1. Latte
2. Cheysuli


zevo calamari said...

Good luck finding your panel of judges. Is the contest only for meezers or can other pooses enter? We have been out of the loop lately.... our pet human has been busy.

She wishes she could have a horse too... but we are glad she does not!

zevo calamari

Boy said...

Wow! Your Meowmy wides a horse! Mine Meowmy woves horses too but she can't get to wide.