Sunday, October 7, 2007

Meezer Monday

Feeling meezy? Let us know about it!

I am doing not so much in this swing season between summer and fall but I sure know how to look cute!

Have you heard Chairman Mao's big news? Wait until you hear!

Crazy Meezers are having a nice spring cleaning down in Australia. Sigh...I wish it was spring here!

Miles is 'barassed that his mom forgot her cable for her camera.

Cheysuli is posting her presidential rebuttals. She's got some great viewpoints!

Tara is trying to catch a humming bird!

Yao-Lin is finding it difficult to rest in quite an odd spot!

Baby Mao is taking Yao-Lin's rejects but he's OK with that because he's very easy going.

Fab Five had a rough weekend with busy humans.


Chairman Mao said...

Awww, heck, Momma left the "n" off Chairman! Anyhow, I'm doin' a Meezer Monday plus a Dual Mancat Monday with my bruther, Brainball! hehehe

Cheysuli said...

Hey! It's the debate rebuttals and that's my meezer Monday!

Fab five said...

Hi Meezers,
I yam not quite a meezer, so my Monday is mad!

Later dis week, I will have to let my brudder da mad Burr-man do a blog. He haz been gettin' on my last nerve!

I cannot beleeeve Brainball iz a man! I waz developin' a crush on her floofy=nezz.

-Dr Tweety