Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Need a little help from my friends!

Hey everyone, this is Latte here. I need to ask a favor of my fellow meezer friends. Next week my Meowmy is going to be away so that means I can't blog. Even means I can't post our Meezer Monday post here at Simply Siamese! I was wondering if another meezer would mind stepping up and helping us out on Monday? If you're not already a contributer I can make it happen for you! Feel free to feature yourself for the week as the guest host. Post a picture and talk about yourself (come on, you know you love to talk about yourself, I know I do!). If you're really busy you can even just use our autolinkies box if you don't have time to summarize for everyone.

****Update, the very Royal Yao-Lin has volunteered! Thanks!!****

I also really want to thank Sammy and Miles Meezer for doing such a great job with the Meezer Rules Wednesday and keeping everyone well alerted to important meezer related issues (like when Chey's sisfur went missing). We love you guys and we're so happy you're such active contributers!

Everyone else, why not jump in and make this blog yours! Its a place for all of us to share so don't be afraid to express yourself!

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HRH Yao-Lin said...

I would gladly step up and talk about myself on monday. Really, I am a martyr.

email me on yao-lin-squashy at hotmail dot co dot uk xxx