Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday everycat!!! I just love Wednesdays - it's a great day for learning lots of things that will make our goal of total world domination easier!

So, you know the drill, leave a link or a comment, and I will update throughout the day.

So, my rule for today is this:

If you are bored with the usual annoying things you do to your beans while they are trying to sleep, laying over their heads and licking your lips every 30 seconds will put that ZING back into your annoying habits. For some reason, smacking your lips is really really annoying to the beans.

Chey is a wonderul friend!.

Latte meant to do it, and it looks like fun to me!

Scout is absolutely right - unattended leftovers are free for the taking.

Fiona, the Meezer Bun, is a wonderful friend!

Princess Tara knows that the grass is greener on her own side of the fence!

Our friends at Krasota Castle are lamp-bathing

Yao-Lin has the right idea in claiming everything as his.

Resistance is futile at Cat Crossings! - The ULTIMATE Meezer Rule

Caroline is reciting Shakesp...... shakesph....... The Bard..... from her table.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hello and welcome to Meezer Monday! I hope you all enjoyed taking some of your rightful turkey over the holiday weekend. I myself find the leftovers better as they seem to be more freely given. Anyhow....back to the important stuff like what all the meezers are up to today! Again, Moewmy the lazy bean, will be behind in "work" so we'll update as soon as we can. I have tried firing her but she just won't leave. So I'm trying to work with least for the time being. Sigh..

~Latte (I'm rather boring today but cute. Well..I'm always cute I suppose.

Cheysuli has a new I Mac! She has that man well trained.

Sia has a naughty meezer monday!

Casey is raising her paw for the MEOW Foundation (well all 4 paws really!)

Chairman Mao is Man Catting it up with the 7 Things Meme.

Sammy & Miles are sleeping off their turkey hangovers while dreaming of their lovely girlfriend cats.

Kimo is obviously quite cold and hunkering down for winter.

Junior is surfing the net at high speeds at home!!

Tara & Kavan are having more fun at their Mountain House hunting some more creatures. And Kavan tried to escape!!!

Yao-lin is quite festive!

tells a story of Thanksgiving past and the One Who Came before.

Storm is looking might mesmerized but doing quite well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Day before turkey day Meezers!! It's Meezer Rule Wednesday! I am Sammy Meezer and I will be your tour guide today!

Please leave a link or a comment and I will update with all of your rules!

My rule for today - make shur that you take time over the holiday to just sit on your beans and purrrrr. it will make them happy. it will make you happy. AND, you might get some extra treats like turkey!!

Miles meant to do it.

Meezer Bun Fiona gets the first bite of lettuce. It's a rule.

Our honorary Russian Blue Meezer kittens demand turkey and or ham for Thanksgiving. It's a rule.

Meezer Diva Casey has a great rule about complaining when you are rudely awakened.

Latte says to bring a sibling to the v-e-t with you

Candidate Chey tells us to always acknowledge those who out perform you.

All bags belong to Chairman Mao. It's a rule.

Princess Tara reports that while curiosity might not kill you, it MIGHT get you singed fur. Kavan.

Scout says that anything that is being batted around or in her mouth is HERS. It's a rule.

Dino is always using the Meezer advantagess. Because, you know, it's a rule.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meezer Monday!

We didn't even notice that last Meezer Monday was our 100th post here at SS! Give us your linkies and we'll do the round-up! I'm also working hard at reviewing that cool book. As far as I can tell its the closest I've seen to a human training manual. Review to follow at some point this week!

~Latte- I'm enjoying a nice snuggle pin down with my Meowmy.

Those Crazy Meezers teach us how to deal with hot weather (don't we wish we had some?!)

Cheysuli thinks they've found the cluprit!

Casey is enjoying some of Donny's catnip mice.

Pyewacket has a great little video.

Dragonheart has a picture of his new meezerly brother (he's a pointed sphynx) that will be coming to live with them soon.

Miles was attacked by the flashy box while sleeping. Don't we all know how that goes? Keep purring for his mom's interview!!!

Kavan is raising his paw for his favorite cause! And Tara is raising hers too.

Cato is the luckiest cat in the world.

Sia had a nice relaxing weekend.

HRH Yao-lin does an interesting meme.

Storm had to go back to the VET but he gave her some nice pain meds.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cool Dressed Up Siamese Calendar for a Cause!

I got this e-mail last night and figured I'd pass it along here. I mean, with Skeezix & Yao-lin and the rest of our fabulous dressed up meezers I figured this is fun!

The 2008 ‘Iconic Women By Yoshi’ calendar features a beloved Siamese dressed up as some of the world’s most famous women. Icons include Audrey Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey and Princess Leia. 100% of profits from all calendar sales will be donated to the BCSPCA. More ‘By Yoshi’ products will be added to the website in the coming weeks, along with other fun and friendly animal-related items. Worldwide shipping is available and web visitors are invited to sign up for the newsletter.

“Yoshi thrives on being the chief catnip winner of the family, so becoming the star of her own internet dynasty suits her diva personality perfectly,” says Stacey. “I’m content to be her food lady, litter box maintenance crew and tuna can opener while she saves the animal kingdom.”

Check out the website at

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book Review

We at Simply Siamese are tickled pink (seal, or chocolate, or blue, or flame, or....?) that we've been requested to review a new book! Well its not really a new book, but a book commemorating the 200,000th copy of Suzy Becker's All I need to Know I Learned From My Cat (and Then Some) The Book. So Meowmy just got a copy in the mail and she's going to read through it and write a review!! How cool that the publisher wants to know what we Meezers would think of the book. To start with there is a quiz at the front that all humans should rate a "2" on.

More to come but we just think its cool we were asked to review a book!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Meezers - sorry this is late! Today is Meezer Rule Wednesday and I am excited to see all your rules today!

Here is my rule to start with

When your mom is too busy to help you post, put the bitey on her!!

As always leave a comment or a link and I will update during the day!

Miles knows the value of a good detective

Latte has a good lesson in doing the things a Meezer does best - Investigate

The lovely Casey knows when to get going!

Veronica, one of the lovely Russian Blue honororay meezers, has a perfect rule about food

Scout has a great rule about Hissy fits!

HRH Yao-lin is giving the laser eyes in his rule today!

The lovely Caroline is right- if she says it's a meezer bird, it's a meezer bird!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Meezer Monday

I'll start and say that I am being friendly and I don't think its going away any time soon! Oh, and Kaze is shoulder-surfing which is interesting I suppose.

Check out the pad that we at Simply Siamese sent Storm and Castle for winning the Halloween Contest!

Cheysuli is continuing the political woes of the "whapping" incident.

Pyewhacket is busy driving a really cool car!

Chairman Mao is handing out the smile awards.

Kimo isn't sharing HIS new bed. Makes sense to me!

Sammy & Miles are still investigating the strange wetness thing. And their Mommy has a job interview with technical test thingies and needs our purrs! (She'll do great of course!)

Casey has a half hidden meezer monday.

Junior's Mom starts her new jobbie today!! This is VERY exciting for them both.

Meezer Mirror has sweet little Phinney in his new home.

Tara & Kavan have a meezer movie monday!

Scout reminds us that family is important.

Sia has a biscuit making question for us all.

Yao-lin is enjoying his nip banana that we sent *cough* Baby Mao *cough* for his Halloween Contest entry. While poor Baby Mao hasn't even been able to sniff it.

Castor & Pollux remind us just how HARD it is to be a kitten.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good Morning Meezers! Welcome to Meezer Rule Wednesday. As always, I am Sammy Meezer, and I am here to guide you through the Rules.

Please leave a link or a comment below

To start us off, my rule for today is:
When your bean is sleeping, and it's too freaking cold in the room, make shur that you stick your paws out in the cold air for a bit, then put them on your bean's face (or tummy if you are that brave). As I always say, it's all about payback.

Miles has 2 rules today - one about Peace (it's Blogblast for Peace Day!) and hometown Heroes (Godspeed Pam Melroy and the crew of the Discovery)

The lovely Meezer Diva Casey, our Presidential Candidate Chey, and Princess Tara and Kavan are also celebrating Peace Day.

Latte has a great rule about guarding your toys! very important!

Scout has a great rule about beating the beans up and down the stairs.

Caroline has found the perfect scapegoat!

Midnight over at Cat Crossings, has a rule about waiting for dinner!

One of the honorary Russian Blue Meezers at Krasota Castle has found some great packaging.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meezer Monday

Its Meezer Monday again!! Leave us your linkies!

I'm sorry but Meowmy had a doctor's appointment this morning that took 2 hours when it should have taken 15 and then she had a big meeting at work so we're trying to catch up as soon as we can.