Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Welcome fellow Meezers to Meezer Rule Wednesday!! Last week's pirate rules were wonderful and I am sure that this week's rules will be just as enjoyable!

Well, as luck would have it in the Meezer household, our Mommy is going away to a jobbie innerview this morning so we will not be able to update until tonight. Unless Latte or Yao-Lin or someone has time to do them. Please leave a comment and we will get them all entered.

To start things off, here is a timely rule:
When your human has an important business meeting or jobbie innerview, make shur that you leave some furs on their clothes while they are not looking. they always need reminders of how much we love them.

Over at my house, my brother Miles has figured out how he lost Meezer Mania and has a rule about it.

Latte has a wonderful rule about hunting.

Junior has an important rule for the cooler weather.

Chairman Mao has a rule about being nice to sisfurs. I'm glad I just haf a brofur.

The lovely Tara has a rule about purr-fection and wonderful artists!

our friend Toby has some great fashion advice!

our resident Meezer Diva, Casey has a great rule about posession of the human feets.

Annie our Russian Blue friend has a rule about being a mom cat.

Finoa Bun has a rule about all power cords being fair game and chomping on expensive clothes.

Yao-Lin has a great rule about playing mind games with your humans and making them think you want to run away.

Caroline has a THING in the bathroom, and a rule about how to approach it. OK, well, the THING is probably a new brofur!! YAY!!

Egypt, the force behind Meezer Rule Wednesday has sage advice about finding jewels.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meezer Monday

This is the very beautiful and fashion forward Tara Princess Meezer. She lives with her little brother Kavan and gets to Out of Doors on walks a lot. She's a sweet applehead seal point who loves the color purple. Today she and her brother Kavan are busy defending their yard from strangers behind the fence!

~Latte, your host for Meezer Monday

had some nice porch time while his football team actually won!

Stella is showing off one of her beautiful babies on Mommy Meezer Monday.

Casey is being introspective and beautiful!

Cheysuli is getting ready for the presidential debates this weekend being hosted by Skeezix! This is important and we should all take part since we have multiple meezer candidates.

Chairman Mao is looking really cute. No seriously, I warn you know your humans will say Awwww!

Junior is greeting the cooler fall air.

Um Sammy? I don't know about the 'begetable thing. I mean, first of all their begitables and secondly I've never heard of that kind. I guess I get the dirt though.

Tobby is busy looking like a stuffed animal. I think I have to worry....Meowmy is really in love with snow shoes!

Storm has an award and does the Scatergories meme.

Thanks Skeezix for this beautiful picture. Lacy was a special friend of the cat blogsphere and while she didn't have her own blog, she really enjoyed many of ours. We will miss you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

2008 Catblogosphere Calendar

Hey efurryMeezer - don't forget to submit your pikshurs for the 2008 Catblogosphere calendar!! Here's the handy dandy submission form. Hopefully there will be a Meezer Month!!! Get your pikshurs in!!

Sammy Meezer

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pirate Rule Wednesday

AHOY Maties! It be Pirate Rule Wednesday and I am Sir Samuel Higgens, Esquire, your Lord and Master for today. ARRRR.

Leave me a comment with your Pirate, er, Meezer Rule and I will add you to the list.
Or, you could just walk the plank you skurvies.

Over at my house, Miles is going nuts but we managed to get him down to wearing only 1 eye patch

I see that Mao-Mao and my brofur are on the same page when it comes to getting attention in the kitchen.

Meezer Bun Fiona wants a nose rub!!! ye landlubbers better get over there and give her one!

Over at Chey's Place the fine Pirate lass has a very good rule about Pirate names.

Chey's husband Latte has a rule about pillaging for treasure!

Although Casey is not a pirate today, she does have a great rule about what to do when your siblings try and plunder your primo spot.

Tara is a most bonnie Pirate in her beautiful black outfit. OH, and she has a rule too - about treats and underwear drawers.

Honorary Meezers, our Russian Blue friends from Krasota Castle have a rule about the perils of dis-obeying!

Yao-lin be very stylish in his fine pirate garb - about which he has a rule.

The lovely Egypt gives us a great rule on marking.

Sweet Caroline is basking in the warm glow of a great rule.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Meezer Monday

Today we're going to celebrate Skeezix! His 3rd birthday was yesterday and he's such a special friend to so many of us and we have to be sure to make his birthday very special. If you don't know Skeezix....I think that's impossible...but if you don't, you're life will be changed by meeting him! ~Latte

Casey shows off one of her prized socks!

Tobby is ashamed of his typing skills, go over and encourage him!

Chairman Mao is head over heals for his sweetie pie!

Tara is showing off her talented drinking techniques.

Pyewacket is causing trouble as only a mini-meeze can!

Latte is basically just looking meezerly today. OK, sometimes I just love to show off my blue eyes!

Miles is working on his story on his Gizzy-Quilt.

Storm is celebrating a special anniversary today. It is 9 months after her diagnosis and she has now exceeded the expectations of her vet! Congrats Storm! Oh, and Castle gets in on Meezer Man Cat Monday.

Mao shows off the tortures of his trip to the VET with Rocky last week.

Cheysuli is looking tasty today!!

Junior is being manly and doing a meme.

Napoleon shows us a feral snowshoe that might be his daddy!

Cha-Ching shows off his first Meezer Monday! He's doing a good job by eating human food.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Meezer Tour of London

Storm's Meezer Tour

While Chey's humans were in London Chey went along to supervise and Storm showed her the sights. Storm has some grate photos of a bus full of meezers!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!

Sammy Meezer here again, your host for Meezer Rule Wednesday
Along with our regular rules this week, I am putting up a link to the Meezerosity test. Some of you may haf taken this test, others might not haf. I think it would be a fun thing if we all took it and posted our results in the comments (and if you don't mind, I would like to post them with your Meezer Rule Recap!

Oh, and here is my rule for today:

when your beans make that weird snorking noise in the middle of the night, make shur that they are ok by shoving your head as far into their mouths as you can.

Ok, have fun with the Meezerosity test!! I scored 9.7

Over at Casa Meezer, Miles has a video rule. or maybe just a rule and a video. Oh and Miles scored 9.1

Our wonderful friend Chairman Mao has a rule about sisfurs and pillows. Mao Mao scored 7.8, which is great because he doesn't haf a temper!

Poor Kavan had a rough day yesterday and ended up hoo-ha-less!! He discovered the great rule about demanding things after such an operation.

Our good friend Mao scored 8.5 on the test!! Great job!!
Toby, our wonderful snowshoe Meezer buddy, has a great rule about resting accomodations. He also scored 7.7 on the test - wonderful!!

The lovely Casey, our resident Meezer Diva, has a great rule about showing annoyance! She scored 7.9 on the test. We agree Casey, they should remove the part about temper (but then our scores would go down, Miles and I akshually do haf tempers).

Lux's sister Ninna scored a 7.9 - welcome to Meezerdom Ninna!!

We have a wonderful new Meezer friend Pyewacket, she's from The Land Down Under!! She left 2 rules in the comments - one about pouncing and the other about how to claim the beans food. Welcome to Simply Siamese Pyewacket! You have been added to our sidebar. Make shur to check us out on Meezer Mondays as well!

Latte scored 7.5 on the test (way to go!) and he has a great rule about looking cute - and boy does he look cute!!

Honorary Meezers, our Russian Blue friends at Krasota Castle have a rule about sleeping cats

Storm sweetie, even though you got a 6.8, you is NOT a mongrel or anything like that - you is true and pure Meezer wonderfulness.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Meezer Monday!

Today we celebrate Storm. She is such an amazing cat! She lives in the UK with her brother Castle and her Mewomy. Storm is a seal point who is fighing cancer. She keeps a chronicle of her her treatments and how she's feeling. She's quite a meezer to look up to! Plus her Meowmy will give her pretty much anything she wants to eat!!!

What are all of the rest of the meezers up to?

Casey is looking pretty for her humans new camera yet still scolding them for not serving her needs properly these past few weeks.

Chairman Mao is doing the Man Cat look and he's very effective!

Sammy is showing off his really cool new Gizzy Quilt! Gizzy quilts are amazing and his matches him perfectly.

Latte had a fabulous birthday weekend and has filled out a Meme from the lovely Storm.

Cato aspires to be as great as Alexander!

Tara and Kavan had a busy weekend with visitors but as usual, Kavan got them into trouble. Kavan's having his hoo-ha's removed this week!

Kimo shows his daddy just what a meezer can do!

Yao-lin is scolding his humans for making him wear the hat that Latte sent him to torture Baby Mao.

Baby Mao has a video of him playing fetch! (Well...sort of at least)

Toby is thinking meezer thoughts in the sun.

*****New Meezer Alert*****

Tamra is a cute little meezer kitten who is blogging! Thanks to Kimo for introducing her to us. She's just learning what a meezer is.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Purrfday Latte!!


It's Latte's Purrfday!!!! WOOO HOOOO.

All day party at Chatzy today wif a NIP BAR and efurryfing!!


Happy Purrfday buddy!
from your buddies Sammy and Miles

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings my Meezer furriends!! Sammy Meezer here to help guide you through another Wednesday of Meezer Rules. The Rules are important for us to unnerstand and follow so that we can achieve what EVERY Meezer desires - Total World Domination.

Remember to leave a comment so that you can be added to the list!

Here is my rule for the day:

When you are in the middle of flopping down on the dining room table, make shur that you is not near the edge, and if you is, make shur that there is no one around to see you fall.

Over at our house Miles has a rule about making the beans exercise.
Our good friend Junior has advice on what to do when the humans cheat on you.
The lovely Tara has a great rule about wind.
Chairman Mao has a rule about Dancin!!
Casey is back!! And she has a rule about hiding!
Baby Mao has a rule about nip that comes in the mail
His Royal Highness Yao-lin gives us a rule about contests
Latte has a great rule about bugs.
Napoleon, Hunter and Belle added a Mini Meezer rule about what to do when the beans is away
Our wonderful Russian Blue friends at Krasota Castle love Meezer Rule Wednesday and have a rule about the cat tree.
Our wonderful bun furriend Lando has his own Meezer Bun Rule - go check it out!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Meezer Monday

Hi Everyone! I'm really sorry but this week Meowmy just can't help with blogging because she is up to her eyeballs in painting the living room. So for this week we're just going to leave the linkie box for everyone.

Oh, don't forget I'm having a party on Friday....not sure all of the details yet but there will be a chat room and tons of food and drinks. Hope you can all make it!

And Pets 4 Life is holding a non-contest contest. I'd put the link up but as you'll read on my blog....I'm VERY limited in my blogging capacity right now.

Sammy or Miles, if you are are around feel free to update! Or any other meezer corespondants!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

a video of an old friend

Hey everycat!! Cat Couch has posted a video of our dear friend Chatham. It's nice to remember a dear friend that has gone on to the Bridge. If you go see it, leave a message for his brother Salem too - he's been a little lonely since Chatham left.

Sammy Meezer
Hello efurryone!! We has a request for efurryone to go over and leave a word of encouragement for our dear furriends Mia and Ghost. Their Mommy's Grammy hadded cancer surgery and she is not doing well at all. She is 93 and they are all very werried about her. Thanks!

Sammy and Miles Meezer