Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good Morning every meezer! It's a snowy Meezer Rule Wednesday here in Noo York. We are supposed to have a foot of snow by tonight!

To start us off with the Meezer Rules, here is mine:

When you get a new fur sibling, always make sure you give your mom the "pathetic" look to make sure you get extra snuggles and cuddles. Especially when your very own meezer brother refuses to get hissy with him.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Oh, just a note: next week mommy starts working, so we will not be able to update the Meezer Rules until the night time. I apologize for her making this incon..... inconvie...... difficult for us.

Latte is enjoying the good things in life.

Chey says don't pay people to talk to you.

Merlin has a rule about being cute and comfortable

Chairman Mao has a rule about getting shirts. Or being cute. Or.....both!

Meezer Bun Fiona has a cute bun bum.

Scout reminds us about how to treat sick beans.

Tiki has the pathetic look down pat

Storm has a good rule about the beans leaving on vacation

The cats at Krasota Castle enjoy crusing the buffet at the cafeteria

Baby Mao is tending to his garden .

Napoleon is working the cute angle for his rule about being in trouble.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meezer Monday

Couple of things, everyone please remember to enter the Simply Siamese Spring has Sprung contest to benefit Sammy & Miles (and now Bill too!). Lets represent out Meezer power in our contest! Also, Millie's Mom is raffling off a HUGE (17 Gizzy's!) quilt that will fit a Queen sized human bed. Tickets are $10.

Happy Meezer Monday everyone! We're coming up on Leap Day so I hope you're ready to do lots of leaping (I know I am!). Leave me a linky or a comment and I'll do the round up.

~Latte(I have a question for everyone)

Sammy & Miles (and Bill!) are doing the Man Cat thing.

is deciding where her leadership is most needed (and suits her needs like not being eaten!)

Kimo is giving us a Movie today.

Merlin shows just how wonderfully he and Dragonheart get along on the new Cat Tree.

Chairman Mao gives us a great movie too.

Tiki is waiting not so patiently.

Castor & Pollux have some bones to pick with their humans.

Check out the Meezer's noses!

is passing on an award to our fellow meezers and still nursing her mom.

Junior spent the weekend sleeping after his tooth cleaning ordeal. He says the duckies are back at the pond!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello everycat! Wow, it's Meezer Rule Wednesday again! Time sure flies!!

I hope everycat is doing well this week and that you have some great rules to share!

To start us off, here is my rule for the week:

when you are in a "not allowed" area and you make something crash, run like the wind to get out of there, make sure you end up somewhere looking like you are sleeping when the humans figure out what happened.

Leave a comment or a link

Binky over at Krasota Castle has "the look" down pat!

When asked to become the leader of a country, take it! Congratulazioni Chey

Be stealthy and blend in with your environment is Latte's rule for today

Miles has a big mouth. no really, his mouth is actually HUGE. Oh, and he's loud too.

Merlin is taking the high ground

Tiki and Tavi are stealing the mom's foods

Castor has a cute wordless Wednesday post

Jinx, the lovely blue point Meezer is back!! She says "keep your human healthy"

Scout has a rule about yakking

Yao-lin has a rule about having your picture taken

Midnight over at Cat Crossings has a rule about the dreaded PTU. Also a rule and a stern look from the late and lovely Pebbles.

Fiona the awsome Meezer Bun, has a rule about chillaxing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Meezer Monday

OK meezers, I opened up our contest to help out Sammy and Miles on Friday and we've had a lot of entries so far! Keep thinking about your entries and get them in by the end of the month.

I am taking what is rightfully mind through forced cuteness.

Did you see Sammy in the Daytona 500? He finished 20th! There is a 90% chance of good news at his house this afternoon.

Cheysuli is musing on President's Day and her upcoming birthday March 1st.

Merlin has his own Gizzy! Have you checked out what Merlin's mom is doing to help Project HAM? She's offering her amazing services at digital scrapbooking. Go check out their blog for details.

Kimo has some serious confusion about which meezer is which or stuffed or ???

Tavi & Tiki
have some nice double snuggling.

has mixed feelings about her mom being back at work.

has a special plan to help Project HAM. Its BIG, how big? No one knows yet!

The Meezer brothers
are enjoying their new bed Kaze sent Pollux. And talking about their friendly woofies.

Did you all hear that Stella had a new litter of kittens? Two sweet little darlings.

HRH Yao-Lin
is looking for opinions on which picture to enter in the Spring Has Sprung Contest.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Project HAM still needs help!!!

If you can help out our best friends Miles & Sammy who do such a great job hosting Meezer Rules Wednesday they really need it!
Donate to Project HAM


Spring has Sprung CONTEST!

OK obviously, not yet. But I'm dying for the longer days and warmth and I'm betting you are too! So here at Simply Siamese we're looking for a way to celebrate regrowth and help our friends at the same time. all know Sammy & Miles right? Well they still need help and while we've all been helping with project HAM and the other great contests that have contributed, we wanted to do something special for our very devoted friends.

Go to our new Spring Contest and spread the word to ALL of our friends (its open to all cats!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday everymeezer!! We had another good turn out last week! Lets keep it going!

I will start us off this week with my Meezer Rule:

When your bean puts a pillow over her face to sleep, make shur that you sleep right in the middle of it. This will ensure that your bean's head will be moved to a weird position and they will wake up with a stiff neck.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Latte is investigating his options

Cheysuli says to not let anyone investigate your lineage

Kavan's word for the day is Angst, and his rule is about something being worth it

It's double meezer rule wednesday with Merlin - sunspots and a once in a lifetime rule for boycats

The very wise cats at Krasota Castle have a great rule about ignoring the humans

Tiki and Tavi have an awsome rule for those kitties who go out on harnesses

Scout has a great rule about snuggling with the sick beans

Java reminds us of the importance of good grooming

Everyone QUICK, go over to Cat Crossings and read the first part of an EXCELLENT story featuring Dino! with a Meezer rule at the end about treat and hats!! WOOO HOOO!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meezer Monday

It's me Latte! I'm back!!! Thanks to Miles and Sammy for pitching in and helping out. I want to remind everyone that there is still a need to donate to project HAM! So please help if you can.

Meowmy swears she's going to keep up on the posts today. I've given her The Look so she'd better.

is getting his hoo-ha's removed today so lets all send him so purrs!

getting away with things just for being cute.

Sammy's really busy finishing a puzzle. Want to help?

been hitting the campaign trail hard again!

Chairman Mao's hanging out on his Man Cat & Meezer Monday.

mom is still sick and she's a very needed lady! He needs her Photoshop help for VD day but it looks like she's not going to be able to help out. Lets purr for her!

Tavi's looking for treats!

Castle is looking quite content after a nice large meal.

Castor got some lovely valentine's gifties!

Kavan asks a special someone to be his Valentine! (Did anyone else miss him becoming such a big man cat? I still think of him as a little kitten)

Baby Mao is all dressed up for the Oscar party.

has a manly meezer monday and has a Valentine.

Yao-lin is dressed to kill!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello everyone! Wow, it's Wednesday again!! Time for more Meezer Rules! I am just so happy that Meezer Rule Wednesday is such a success. It's so much fun to read everyone's rules and apply them in our lives.

My rule for today is very very important:
Whapping a sick human is NEVER a good idea. It will get you banned from the couch for the afternoon.

Please leave your link or a comment. As the Meezer Mom is sick, we may be somewhat slow in updating today.

Latte has an awsome rule for snagging treats

Chey has a great rule about asking for help. Go see her and offer some advice to her mom if you can. They need our support for Georgia.

Merlin has a rule about sharing toys. Really? I've never tried that. See, you learn useful things on Meezer Rule Wednesday

The lovely Meezer Bun Fiona reminds us to give thanks for the foods!

over at Krasota Castle one of the gorgeous babies has a great rule about owning everything

Tamra Maew has an awsome rule about aliens!

Tiki and Tavi are using their rules to train their mom to leave out the heating pads!

Yao-lin has a great rule about whapping!! My favorite subject (well, besides Aliens)

The gang at Cat Crossings has a great rule about agility! and a picture of a WHOLE bunch of wires that I would like to play with and put the bitey on

Caroline has a rule for her brother Willam!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday everycat! It's ME Miles Meezer here again this week (I hope that's ok Latte, we thought your lady would be busy today again).

I hope we have a great turnout for Meezer Monday today! Did you all see the game yesterday! It was exciting!

Leave a comment or a link!

Chey had a great campaign rally this weekend. I loved rocking out with the Borg!

It's meezer mancat monday featuring ME

Merlin's points are coming in very nicely!

Kavan is giving massage lessons today!

Kimo has a great movie today

It's too cold for Toby to get out of bed

Tiki has a comfy pillow - named Tavi!

Scout's mommy is still really sick - go on over and leave a purr

Latte's people are back! YAY!

The Brave and Beautiful Storm has a new camera!

Castor is enjoying the sun and being aloof