Friday, June 29, 2007

We have our own food?!?!

Has anyone heard about this food? If you have, pray, do tell how it is!!!

The Link to learn more: Royal Canin Siamese Blend

A little bit of Siamese History

For many generations the Royal cats of Siam where jealously guarded by the King of Siam at his Palace in Bangkok. It is probably owing to this confinement of the 'Palace' cats that there is little known of their true origins. The original Palace or Temple cats of Siam were said to be dark-colored with yellow eyes. Sometime in the past centuries either one or several mutations occured which caused the distinguishing 'Points' and Blue eyes that make the Siamese so distinctive. Sadly there are no records of who was responsible for encouraging and breeding this mutation, for without this person or group of persons, the Siamese breed may never have come into existence.

While the true origins of the Siamese may always be conjecture, we do know when the breed first began to appear outside of Siam, or Thailand as it is called now. In 1884, a pair of Siamese cats were brought to Britain by Mr. Owen Gould, then the British Consul-General in Bangkok. This pair was given to Mr. Owens sister, Mrs. Veley who went on to cofound the Siamese Cat Club in 1901, and were shown at the Crystal Palace in 1885. During 1886, another pair of Siamese cats and two kittens were imported by a Mrs. Vyvyan and her sister into Britain. These cats along with several others brought into Britain in the following years comprised the base breeding pool for the Siamese breed. Therefore, all modern Siamese, especially those in the US, can trace their lineage back to these original Siamese brought into Britain during this time. This has been estimated to be at most only eleven cats!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How much does this apply to you?

"One thing you should know about owning a Siamese Cat is that they can be as loud as a siren with a voice that sounds like a crying baby. They demand your attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. They are playful, fun-loving pets that you will come to love. Their dependence on you for attention is a sign of love you will be more than happy to return."

What does your voice sound like? Do you talk a lot? Do you love your humans?

I guess I'm not typical because I don't really have a loud voice. Though I do demand attention! I have to say, even though Kaze is an Oriental Shorthair, she fits this Siamese description perfectly.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guest Meezer Blogger!

Everyone go check out Junior's blog because he has a guest blogger today. His name is Nicodemus and he's quite floofy and meezerly!

Junior's Blog

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Ok efurry cat, it's time for Meezer Rule Wednesday. Don't forget the Rules ( by Meezer Rule Originator Egypt!)

1-First, keep it fun and original with the focus on fun.

2-Second, meezers need to use their thinking caps when writing about the rules they employ in their households.

3-Third, have a picture to go with a rule if one exists (no need to take one)

My rule for Meezer Rule Wednesday:

When your bean is frantically running around the house looking for you, make shur that you move to as many hiding places as you can, ending up in the ferst place that she looked, and give her the "what? I've been here all along, I can't help it if you're blind" look

Sammy Meezer

Chairman Mao puts the evil coffee stirrers to death

Kimo instructs us on what to do when locked out of the bedroom

Latte teaches us all what to do when we find ourselves in an odd place

Misguided Miles first tells us how to mess up a blood test, but then gets it right with a rule on how get what you want on your foo-ton.

Marie tells us all about furriends

Kaia warns us all about pregnant sisters in her rule

Baby Mao tells us how to keep your mum and dad busy.

Over at the lovely Egypt's house, it's always important too..........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tailsday & Toesday

What's up today meezer friends?? Today lets celebrate our tails & toes! Leave a linky below and we'll come visit!
For you're viewing enjoyment we have Kaze's tail today. As always, if you want to be featured on any day, just drop us an e-mail!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Meezer Monday (in honor of Chatham)

We're all very sad about Chatham's crossing to the Rainbow Bridge but we have to remember what a special long life he lived and all of the wonerful moments we've enjoyed with him and his Cat Couch. We will miss you very much Chatham and we would like to dedicate this Meezer Monday to your memory.

Latte introduces us to the meezer who started it all in his family over 30 years ago.

Kaze is talking about how much she loves to snuggle with her Lap Lady.

Baby Mao had a horrible experience with the dryer!!

Benjamin held the great Nap-In over the weekend.

Casey shows off the way we should all be woken up- chin scritches.

Cato is busy checking out the Freegans.

Chairman Mao shows a close up of his meezer face that he hopes his girlfriend Ariel will like.

Chatham's Tribute is a place you have to visit if you haven't already.

Cheysuli answered the meme going around and posted a picture of herself on the steps Out of Doors.

Junior is showing off his nip heart that sadly is no more but he really loved it. He's also stuck with his Meowmy petting him and saying how soft he is.

Kimo is sporting a SF Giants cap because his team did really well.

Lily introduces us to her new kitten friend!

Mao shows us how flexible he is while sleeping in the cat tower since Skeezix stole his Millie Bed.

The Meezer Gang is busy answering the meme.

Missy is busy opening her Summer Secret Paws package.

Skeezix is showing off his cowgirl side and offering up so old pictures of the Fude Lady in her cowgirl outfit.

Tara is having a little trouble with Kavan attacking her but it seems they like to sit on the balcony together with one in the Millie Bed and the other on the Gizzy quilt.

Sammy shows off his manly stare and bright blue eyes.

The Big Piney Woods Cats have posted a picture of the adorable meezer twins!

Yao-lin is busy looking regal and being snuggly at the same time. Gosh he's talented!

Baby Mao is busy giving Kaia "come hither eyes".

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goodbye Chatham

The sweet and wise Chatham has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today. Everyone please go and visit his Cat Couch who was with him for his incredible 20 years! We will miss you good friend.

In honor of Chatham we will dedicate our Meezer Monday post to him. Thanks for suggesting this Mia & Ghost.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Meezer Monday is coming up

Come on now, I know you meezers would love to be featured so send us a picture along and you can be our headliner for Meezer Monday. Otherwise I have to give Kaze a turn and I really don't want to do that!


Some more Bucky Katt

Do you like cheese? Other dairy products like yogurt or milk? What is your favorite treat??

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Millie Beds

Skeezix and Mao

Stella napping while she was with her special visitor Peter Pan. I wonder if their kittens will like the Millie Bed?

Tara making biscuits in her Millie Bed

Kaze, Latte & Chase with the Virginia Siamese Rescue version


Junior modeling the brand new models from Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue!

Junior with his flame bed from Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue

We have some great examples from our meezer friends enjoying their Millie Beds. Millie Beds are hand made by the volunteers over at Siamese Rescue. Its a bit confusing because there are actually two different rescues who make these FABULOUS beds. Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue sells their goodies on ebay while the Virginia Siamese Rescue has their own online store. They are washable and stretch to fit any sized cat from a kitten to *ahem* floofier cat. We can fit the three of us in ours! The great news is you can have them shipped Internationally too! So if you're in the market for a new bed, try one of these because while they're really comfy they also help out our fellow meezers who don't have their furever homes.

Check out the Virgina Rescue Store here: Siamese Store

And the Rocky Mountain Rescue here: Rocky Mountain Rescue on ebay

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Efurrycat! Sammy Meezer here wif some exciting news!!

Meezer Rule Wednesday was started by the lovely Egypt from Cat Crossings (sometimes with historical input from the beautiful Pebbles.)
Caroline, the lovely Meezer sisfur of William of Mass Destruction also participates.

The idea is simple: Since the Meezer Motto is Total World Domination (if you don't believe me, check out The Siamese Internet Cat Club) we Meezers need to post the rules for all other Meezers to follow to achieve our goal.

For example, MY rule for today is to bunny kick the stuffing out of your brofurr if he starts to think he's a sooper-hero.

So, think about participating in a future Meezer Rule Wednesday and then starting next week, come and add your link to the Meezer Rule Post.

Remember, the more rules we can get out there for efurryone to follow, the sooner we will achieve Total World Domination!

A big thanks to Casey for her first Meezer Rule post!! (and the AWSOME cattitude pikshur)

Update from Latte: The orginal creator of Meezer Rules Wednesday (Dino & Egypt) e-mailed us with the rules for Meezer Rules Wednesday

1-First, keep it fun and original with the focus on fun.
2-Second, meezers need to use their thinking caps when writing about the rules they employ in their households.
3-Third, have a picture to go with a rule if one exists (no need to take one

Siamese Planet

Sound familiar? The Humans never provide the proper toys!

Please my fellow Meezers, send us some pictures so we can feature you next Meezer Monday! I do love seeing pictures of myself but I'm sure you get tired of it after a while. Also, if you have a Millie Bed, send us those pictures too. I want to do a feature on the great beds to spread the word of how fabulouse they are :). Have a great Wednesday and keep meezing and working at world domination!

Casey had a great idea to have a post about our tails! I say we all go for it for next Tailsday (Tuesday). So if you want to participate please do! I know I'll have my tail (which I am so happy to still have as I almost lost it last month) ready for display!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Siamese Legend regarding Kinked Tails

It is said that there was once a Siamese Princess who was frightened of losing her rings while she bathed in a stream. Looking around for somewhere convenient to place her jewelery, she noticed that her favorite cat had crooked his tail for her benefit. Ever since that time all Siamese cats have been born with a tiny kink at the end of their tails to hold the Princess' rings.

A young cat took his wife into the jungle to search for a royal goblet that was missing from one of the Siamese temples. Upon finding the treasure, they decided that the female should remain in the jungle to guard it while the male went back to the city to inform the priest of their discovery. So the little cat took up her position among the leaves and tangled foliage, her tail twisted around the stem of the goblet to make quite sure that no one would try to take it away. Four nights later her husband returned to find he was the father of five sweet little kittens. But, in spite of her new responsibility, the loyal mother cat had not forgotten her earlier trust. Indeed, so conscientious had she been in her protection of the goblet that a permanent kink had developed in the end of her tail. What was more, all five kittens had a similar kink in their tails !

Monday, June 18, 2007

Millie Beds?

Do you have one of these fabulous beds handmade by the meezer lovers over at Siamese Rescue? They're made by meezer lovers for cat lovers to benefit the Siamese in need. We'd love to have pictures of you enjoying your special beds so we can help spread the word about how wonderful they truly are. Drop us a line!

simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com

Here is one of our Presidential Candidates Cheysuli enjoying her Millie Bed.

Don't forget to check out the post below to see what all of our fellow meezers are up to on Meezer Monday!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Meezer Monday

This is our first Meezer Monday here at Simply Siamese and we are tickled blue with excitement! Obviously I'm featuring myself today but I really really want to feature other meezers in the future! So please e-mail us at simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com with pictures you would like to have posted. Thanks!

Please post links to your posts for the day (they don't have to be about Meezer Monday, just anything you're posting about) and we'll keep a running list of what you're all up to for the day! Have a great start to the week and we're thrilled with the response we've had!

Latte (me) is talking about Simply Siamese today. I'm posting a black and white picture where Meowmy made my eyes stay blue.

Kaze is telling complete LIES about how she's a better hunter than me (Latte). Don't believe her. Oh, and Meowmy made an interesting picture featuring her blue eyes too. But she's not much of a Meezer Monday poster, she falls more into the Frootbat Friday camp.

Miles & Sammy are having an interesting time with Photoshop but look very meezerly indeed.

Chairman Mao is busy teaching his humans MAOese and being very manly helping his daddy on his work bench.

Casey is showing her very unamused meezer face to the camera because she was stuck with a cat sitter over the weekend. She rightly avoided the woman and refused to eat or play. What a horrible weekend!

Cheysuli Is showing off her gorgeous self (careful gents, she's my wife!)and talking about the nocturnal ongoings in her house.

Kimo has a real treat in his triple threat Mancat Meezer Movie Monday. He's showing off the beautiful snuggle from DKM.

Skeezix introduces us to Freda, a meezer from the Fude Lady's past. There is also a pony picture and some cool bangs!!

Tara & Kavan feature the cute little meezer kitten today. He's doing a great job helping Tara blog and their mom told Tara she has to share her blog with Kavan. She's a good girl though and they've been making some great snuggling progress!

Sia is showing how wonderful meezers can look even in black and white while waiting for an answer from Marley.

Cato has a truly insightful post entitled "the Treasures Within". Cato says it is "For those who still hold the old practices close, this establishment -- the Hammam -- is a true delight."

Jimmy Joe isn't a meezer but he's talking about the fabulous Lola on his blog today. Jimmy Joe is a new blogger so if you haven't met him, you should! He says that Lola made Ninja noises when he met her. Hehe....of course she did!

Stella posted a beautiful picture of herself today, can you see she's glowing? Did you know she's going to have KITTENS? Its quite exciting!!

HRH Yao-lin is busy yelling at his human slaves who actually served him lamb chops without gravy!

Baby Mao is basking in the glorious sunlight and looking very grown up while dreaming of Kaia.

Junior was very busy keeping an intruder away from his porch. He even climbed the screen door!! What a brave meezer he was!

Crazy Meezer
has a great cartoon posted about blogging cats!

New Meezer Blog!

I'm sure you've all met the lovely Casey before but she has her own blog now!! Yeah! Everyone please go visit her and give her a big Meezer welcome!

Casey's Blog

Also, the Great Chairman Mao has joined us! He's a fabulous Seal Point Snowshoe who loves to blog.

Don't forget Monday is Meezer Monday! We will keep a running tab on all of our Meezer posts and have a linkies box too (right Meowmy?? *insert meezer glare*). Each week we will showcase a meezer as our image for that Meezer Monday. If you would like to submit some pictures of yourself please do!! Again, just e-mail them to us at simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com.

What's Bucky up to Today?

If you haven't experienced "Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley here's your chance to meet Bucky! He's a serious meezer with a serious attitude.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Answers to the question....

Sia said, "I finks being a meezer means that I can get away being demanding of meowmize attention."

Jennifer said, "being superior to all other cats. Duh. It should mean extra tuna."

I (Latte) said, "Never being caught red pawed (its never my fault!)"

Kaze said, "Talking often and loud to express myself!"

HRH Yao-lin said, " It means a lifetime of servitude for any human with whom we choose to share our lives."

Crazy Meezers said, "Firstly we think it is speaking our mind, telling everyone what we really think, really loud!
Being as crazy as we like, when we like!
And of course demanding and receiving love from our humans 24/7!"

The Meezer Gang said, "Being a Meezer means:
1. Telling everyone what I think about any and everything.
2. Getting my way, just because I can.
3. Being smart, because we are.

Just to name a few..."

Cheysuli said, "Being the best cat ever."

Casey said, "one word: superiority."

Question of the Day

We at Simply Siamese are spinning in circles trying to come up with some ways to make this site fun and fresh and meezerly!

We've decided to start with a Question of the Day. Please leave your answers in the comments and tomorrow we will post all of the answers. Please finish the following statement:

In my opinion, being a meezer means........

Don't forget to stop by Skeezix's blog to post your questions for the Presidential Candidates! We are represented in force by Cheysuli & Cato.


Feel free to use this banner on your blogs should you want to link back to this site.

The banner code is:
<a href=""><img src="
simplysiameselink.jpg" </a>

If you're having trouble linking please visit Skeezix's Help Blog post which explains how to link an image :).

Again, I invite you to e-mail me at simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com if you want to be a contributer. If you would just like your link on the blogroll, that's great too! I tried to put as many Siamese as I could think of but I'm sure I'm missing quite a few of my meezer friends.

I want to send out a special thanks to our non-meezer friends who've been dropping by to say hi! We certainly love to have you and you're very welcome to come hang out with us anytime you want.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello & Welcome!

Good day my dear Cat Blogging friends! Inspired by the *New* Tuxedo Gang Hangout as well as The Coats of Many Colors I decided to step up to the plate and create a place for the Siamese (or meezers) among us.

Who am I you ask? Well my name is Latte and my sister's name is Kaze (she is actually an Oriental Shorthair but they are pretty much Meezers so all OSH's are welcome here too!). You'll find there are lots of us blogging Meezers and we are all over the world (like Baby Mao and HRH Yao-Lin who blog from the Isle of Wight! We even have candidates for President represented by my lovely wife Cheysuli and the fabulous Cato).

So please, feel free to leave a comment and join our blog! If you'd like to contribute send us an e-mail at simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com. We aren't quite sure what to do with this space yet so all suggestions are welcome!

Meeze for now!

Latte & Kaze