Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings Meezers!!! It's Wednesday again. It's not very spring-like here - it might just snow here! But, I am all ready to read your rules and learn lots of great stuff!

Here's my rule for the day:

When the beans come home from werk, make sure that you position yourself by the door on your back and play "flat cat" - it will bring a smile to their faces and put you in purrfekt position for extra pets and lovings.

As always, please leave a comment or a link!

Tiki likes making the mom SQUEEE while Tavi is King of the box. Don't forget their "Knock Knock" contest tomorrow!!!!

Merlin is trying not to take silly quizzes to seriously. (BTW Merlin, Billy was Johnny Knoxville too - it must be a kitten thing. You will grow out of it)

Cheysuli gets tough when the tough get going. But I am not sure about the whole Fidel Castro thing.

The Krasota Castle gang have great pointers for posing (or not) for pictures.

Darling meezer bun Fiona is so cute I'd give her my treats. If she likes tem-tay-shuns. Her friend Archi Ann has a Dutchie bun rule!! BUNS RULE!!!

Latte advocates hogging all the toys. I am SOOOOOOOOOO in agreement with this rule.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meezer Monday

How was everyone's weekend? Are we ready to start the week off right as we meezers headed for world domination should? I know I had a action packed weekend!


Sammy & Miles give their weekend reports. Sleepy Mom and no HAM!

Kimo is dressed as a chick but I think his blurpy sister is cuter and she won an award!

Tiki shows the love he gets when he gets his bloods tested at night. And don't forget their fund raiser on May 1st! All you have to do is post a knock-knock joke!

Do not look at Cheysuli's picture or I might have to grr at you. Seriously, I'm tiny but fierce!!!!

Storm has some very bad news today. Everyone please go purr with her and her mom.

Yao-lin has a new tool in the war against poo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!! It's turning into a lovely spring, and as we look out the windows, we should be dreaming about Total Werld Domination. And we will achieve this through knowing all the Rules!!!

To get us started, here is MY rule for today:
Make sure that your hiding spots are well hidden and that even with a flashlight they cannot find you there. This will make them panic and go completely insane. And insane beans can be dominated.

As always, please leave a link or a comment!

Sammy Meezer

Merlin has discovered that non-toys make great toys!

Candidate Chey is taking the high road - and is right on track for Total Werld Domination

Latte is resting after a whap fest.

Meezer Bun Fiona demands nose rubs!!! good job Fi!

Krasota Castle advises to be responsible with the nip.

Tiki and Tavi 'vestigate the weird stuff. They is having a fundraiser - please go see!! We will put up a post later in the day wif all the details).

Storm advises us how to avoid the v-e-t. Please go visit and offer some purrss that she is not getting sick again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meezer Monday!

I'm back to help you all celebrate the craziest day of the week!!! So what did you meezers do over the weekend? Spring is here so I want to hear all of your crazy exploits. I know Ayla has some really cool Out of Doors stories!

had a nice time watching her humans working hard and has some nice goodies from a going out of business sale at one of her favorite local stores.

is on patrol for boogie monsters. I sure hope he doesn't find any!!

Merlin has a great movie about his box of fun!

Sammy & Miles sure had a WILD weekend!!!

Griffin is totally growing like a weed. I'm shocked!!

HRH Yao-Lin is up to his usual royal things this week.

Tiki & Tavi are investigating and finding cool stuff!

Storm & Castle are looking gorgeous and Storm passed the chick-hen test.

To all friends and readers of Simply Siamese: Meowmy is going to buckle down and get her priorities straight. The past quarter at work kicked her butt but she's getting her stride back! Thanks for hanging in there!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello fellow Meezers! Sammy Meezer here once again to host your Meezer Rule Wednesday. The rules are getting better and better every week and Total Werld Domination is closer at hand!

My rule for today is: sad eyes will get you far in life - and extra food.

As always leave a comment or link!

Miles is staying away from boogers

Latte is redecorating

Fiona is playing flat bun
Merlin is sharing the sleeping bag

Chey is NOT going hunting again

Tatyana at Krasota Castle is pondering how weird beans really are

Tavi is a master of the guilt trip

Ayla discovers NIPPITY NIP NIP NIP

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Happy Monday!  I hope all of you meezers had a great weekend I know I did!!  

I had a great Out of Doors adventure this weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello everyone! Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday! I can't wait to see all of your rules today!

My rule is: Dipping your paws in your water bowl, and then putting them on your bean's face will get you a bigger spot on the bed when they get up to see what you put on them. Also, make sure to grumble when they try and move you back to where you were.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

The cats at Krasota Castle have a great rule about beds!!

Chey is snoopervising her human in updating her website

Latte is appreciating time with his family

Yao-lin is annoying his baby brofur

Ayla learned not to whap wine glasses

Over at Cat Crossings they have great rules about photographers!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had wonderful relaxing weekends. Lets hear what's new with all of our meezer friends.

~Latte (I'm toy hunting!)

Cheysuli People in PA are questioning if she is Siamese enough.

Chairman Mao has sisfur problems. I don't understand sisfurs either.

Kimo is being rather annoyed by talking visitor girls.

Merlin is busy playing with a hair elastic. I'd forgotten about those.

The Meezers Miles may be in a bit of bitey trouble.!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hi efurryone! Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday! I can't wait to see your rules today!

My rule for today is this:

Ensure your own comfort at night by laying on the pillow over your bean's head, and push with your feets against the wall or headboard so that the beans have to move their heads into weird positions. This will ensure that you get the whole pillow.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Meezer Bun Fiona is not opposed to squashing her brother for food. (Neither is Miles)

Scout advises us to trust our moms. Well, I'll think about it. hee hee

Merlin is in charge of the mail in his house!

Chey advises us about licking our butts. wait. that's not right. she advises us about bowling. nope, that's not right either. I got it now, argue your strong suits. Personally, I don't wear suits, but I love to argue.

Tiki and Tavi give us a great visual on how to kill your fev-ver toys

The cats at Krasota castle have a rule about eating cats like potato chips. Or maybe just having lots of cats because we're cute.

The ever suffering and put-upon Yao-lin defends Millie's bed. Or maybe his Millie bed.

Over at Cat Crossings is a list of Meezer Tools. Those are my kind of tools.

Sweet Caroline is mad! You better watch out William!