Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my fellow Meezers!!!!

Meezer Rule for today: PARTY!!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Meezer Monday

I trust you all are ready for the New Year? I'm preparing by hiding in my new meezer colored bed. Its really cool- its above the ground and its really warm. Plus, Chase can't fit! How were all of your weekends?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meezer Monday

Meowmy was trying to get us so festive pictures and she thinks this is the best one of me. I hope you all have a festive happy week!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello!! It's almost CHRISSYMOUSE!!!!! OH BOY!!!

I hope that you have some awesome rules for today!

Here is my rule for today: When you haf siblings and your beans are occupied with their problems, this is the time for you to wreak LOTS of havoc in the house.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meezer Monday

What's up fellow meezers??? The holiday season is in full swing and I spent like 20 minutes scanning the indoor tree for squirrels. Do you know my humans are MEAN and bought a squirrel ornament? Specifically to torture us? I can tell you that if/when I catch that thing I will take no prisoners and it will never be heard from again.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Purr for Miles

Our very wonderful meezer friend and contributer Miles has to be rushed to the emergency vet!! Lets all send out extra loud meezer purrs to him!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Meezers!!! It's Meezer Rule Wednesday again!! I'm hoping to maybe see some holiday themed rules this week!!! Are you all in the holiday spirit???

Here is my rule: In the spirit of the holiday season, when you do your christmas shopping, always get a little something for yourself too (you know, in case you get underwear or something bad like that).

As always, leave a comment or a link

Chey has some great business advice

Casey reminds us about babysitting (and she's RIGHT)

Tavi reminds us that we need to get information from other species

Ellie teaches some important rules to Ginger. good job!!!

Latte is all about thinking spring!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dedication of Lights

We've all lost a lot of wonderful friends in this past year. Siamese Rescue Center has a wonderful year end tradition of celebrating those we miss with their Dedication of Lights. If you go onto their website you can make a donation and have a light lit at their celebration in honor of those that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. There is no size, color, breed restriction, its simply a lovely way to remember our loved ones and help meezers in need at the same time. If you make the donation on their website you can even upload a picture and a short story.

I asked my Meowmy to sponsor Simply Siamese and she agreed. We will be making a donation in honor of Tiki, Dino, Storm, Caesar the friends we have lost in the past year. We donated $10 per friend and you can see the dedication here . If the page number changes just go to the "P" section (for our last name) and you'll see the Simply Siamese dedication.

If you would like to make your own dedication that is awesome! Simply go to the Dedication of Lights page and honor any other friends as we know we didn't just loose Meezers this past year, there were many many friends who remain in our hearts.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Meezer Monday

Hmmm....its MONDAY isn't it?? You know, an important day to meezers and my Meowmy totally blew me off. First Kaze gets all of the attention for wining that Most Playful Contest (with me in the picture, so I won too), then that test, then visitors, and then she slept. Well no more sleeping on this job!! I demand that next Monday we're back to normal!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings Meezers!! It's the Chrissymouse season, can you believe it?? During this time of year, there are many opportunities for new rules - especially since the beans are not paying as much attention to us. This is a great time of year to move towards total world domination.

My rule for today: Just when the beans think that you have reformed your naughty behaviors, start doing all of them again - only worse.

As always, leave a link or comment!

Chey is considering fashion advice

Tavi gives advice on how to look cute and sleep and NOT get waked up by the flashy box

There's an eye popping pikshur over at Krasota Castle

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Day Before Turkey Day Efurry Meezer!! I hope that we haf a lot of holiday themed rules this week!!

Mine is - Make sure that your beans make a place for you AT the table so you don't have to get up ON the table to get your fair share of the food.

As always, leave a comment or a link! - Sammy Meezer

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meezer Monday

I had a lot of fun yesterday with my Meowmy "studying". She uses this thing she calls a pen-sill and it is a lot of fun to play with. It moves around on paper and is just asking to be played with. Plus, the "practice test" is a lot of paper so its warm to sit on. She told me I was only allowed to help her study if I could go with her to the test in 2 weeks. So I checked and Meezers are not specifically prohibited like cell phones are.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Efurry Meezer - I hopes that you all are doing well this week. It's been snowing here where I live, and that's yucky.

My rule for today is: when the beans haf to travel through the yuck and sludge make shur to give them lots of snuggles and stuff when they get home. it will get you lots of treats.

As always, leave a comment or a link! I can't wait to read your rules!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meezer Monday

There was some nice play sessions over the weekend. I take Whirly-Bird hunting VERY seriously.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello there Meezers!!! Welcome to another wonderful Meezer Rule Wednesday!!

The holidays are fast approaching, so we need to really get some good rules out there for us to learn about. Meezer World Domination is at hand!!!

Here's the rule for today: Always be prepared to shock the beans - and this is easily accomplished by doing something simple - like a minor change in your routine, or hollering into your food dish while you eat

As always, please leave a link or comment!

Ellie and Cory are trying to learn how to whap each other

Chey is letting it all hang out

Tavi has a great rule about housework (pay close attenshun MOM)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Meezer Monday

Was anyone else FREEZING this weekend? I was so cold I had to snuggle under the covers with Meowmy and Kaze. I also had to sit in Kaze's heat-box. Silly Toy Man had turned the heat off which I was trying to tell him was not appreciated.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

WOW! Thank goodness that election silliness is over!!! Now on to more important things - our quest for Total Werld Dominashun!!!! Lets get those rule out there meezers!!!!

My rule for today: You will always get older, but you can be immature forever. Example - if you keep running around the house like a kitten and jumping on the other cats, eventually your human will grumble - "aren't you ever going to grow up?". um. NO

As always, please leave a comment or a link!

In the spirit of the election season and exercising the right to vote, here is what we Meezers are exercising:

Merlin is exercising his right to eat dessert!

Casey is exercising her right to NOT share toys

Chey is exercising her right to nap (so she's pretty much NOT exercising.)

Tavi is exercising his right to make his mom's heart melt

Latte is exercising his right to NOT be a "moozer"

Baby Mao is exercising his right to.............um........... remember Guy Fawkes

our poor suffering royal meezer Yao-lin is exercising his poetry for Guy Fawkes too. (but we be Baby Mao prolly copied him)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meezer Monday- 3rd Gotcha Day


3 Years ago...
Happy Meezer Monday everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

HOO BOY, I am so sorry fellow meezers. I posted this post on the wrong blog! ::blush blush:: -I accidentally got posted on the Fall Contest site. SIGH I will do better next week, I promise.

Welcome Meezers- it's almost Halloween!! WOO HOO!!. Oh wait, I don't like Halloween, too many noises and people at my door.

My rule for today is: when your beans are sick, just 5 minutes of extra cuddling will get you treats.

As always, leave a comment or a link

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meezer Monday

Winners of the Fall Contest announced today! It was such a fun contest and we hope you all enjoyed the Frisky Fall fun.

Do you know what my humans did "for fun" this weekend? They went to the VET!!?? I mean, thankfully without any of us but still. Apparently there was an Open House and they got a tour of the whole place which is ridiculous because I've toured it quite enough thank you very much.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello fellow Meezers!!! I am excited about Meezer Rule Wednesday!! Halloween is coming up on us too!!

One rule for today is: voting in the Fall Contest and maybe leaving a donation to match ours and Latte's is a good thing. Thanks!!!

My other rule for today is: putting your cold wet paws on a sleeping face is 56 different kinds of fun. and you learn new werds too!

We have a new Meezer Rule poster this week - ELLIE!! and she loves veggies too!

Miss Pinky at Krasota Castle believes that kittens shoud have their own blogs. ::covers Billy's eyes::

Merlin has a rule about sharing laps

Casey has a rule about dealing with things you don't like

Chey is denying everything

Um, yeah, Latte's post is beyond words

Monday, October 20, 2008

Meezer Monday

Its that magical day of the week again! My Toy Man helped me dance for joy since the Frisky Fall Contest is over! Now everyone needs to go vote for your favorite entries. Its all for good causes AND there are great prizes. (Meowmy messed up and didn't get the comment thing right but you should be able to go place your votes now)

When will Chey be done with this mess? Only a few more weeks now!
Tavi is giving a nice 'tocks shot.
Castle gives a lovely photo of Stormie's lovely toes.

Light Meezer Monday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Call for Nominations

**Deadline Extended until 10/19/08**

Hey efurryone!! I am issuing a call for nominations for who will benefit from the donations from the Simply Siamese Frisky Fall Contest. There will be a $2 donation per entry, and then during voting, we will open up the donations to anyone who wishes to help raise more money.

In the comments, please leave your suggestion for who to give the donations to. The winner and 2nd place will be decided by a drawing when the winners of the contest are announced.

The nominations can be for an individual kitty, woofie, bun or other critter in need, or a charity that helps animals. You can nominate more than one. There can be more than one nomination per kitty or charity as well.

I hope to see a lot of nominations. This post will stay up until October 14.

Sammy Meezer

Current Candidates 10/11/08:

Winn Foundation


Siamese Rescue VA

Siamese Rescue UK

Grr, Midnight, Cocoa's Gramma's backyard colony


Percy's Surgery


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye Dear Friend

We have just learned that the lovely Tiki has been helped across the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone please go purr with his family.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Fall!! It's getting Halloween-like here - lots of leaves falling from the trees and all of the corn is getting dried out and ready for harvesting and putting in the corn cribs and silos.

My rule for today: causing panic in the house by looking out the window, running around in circles and looking out the window again will keep the beans on their toes. and it makes them get off the couch and look out the slidy door every 45 seconds

As always, leave a link or a comment

Maggy has Meezer eyes for Halloween!

Merlin suggests we diversify our diets

Olivia and the kittens at Krasota Castle advise us to play THOE!!!

Latte, poor Latte, um, at least he has the nip nanner

We stand by Chey!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meezer Monday

My Gamma says I'm very photogenic. Do you agree?

Cheysuli is looking very festive with her scary pider and pumpkin!
Kimo is having a squiggle fest.
Tiki & Tavi are having a nice fall nap.
Miles got HAM!!! (I don't like ham, Meowmy says I'm a weird meezer)
Baby Mao & Yao-Lin are sporting some great Fall fashions!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Meezers!!! It's time for another exciting Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!

my rule for today: Don't forget to enter the Fall Contest!!

Leave a link or comment!!!

Over at Krasota Castle, there is some issues with the humans disturbing comfy kitties

Chey gives advice on what to do when you come across scary stuff

Tiki and Tavi remember the importance of thanking the mom

Latte has pork in his garden

Baby Mao has a great rule about behavior when your blog is ignored

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I'm actually rather happy it is Monday because it was an exhausting weekend. I got to go Out of Doors and snuggled in warm laundry for a while. My favorite part of hte weekend was the Out of Doors time. I even purred and had blinky eyes while I was out there because it was just so much fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello all meezers!!! happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!

My rule for today: Get your entry up in the Simply Siamese Fall Contest!!! WOO HOO!!!!

We saw that the Tuxedo Gang wants to sponsor a category!! WAY TO GO TUXIES!!!!

Leave a link or a comment!

Merlin is showing off his artistic side

Tiki has a rule about getting flooids

Kimo warns of the evils of facebook for the beans

Chey is being helpful in Washington

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! Today is an exciting because we would like to announce officially our Frisky Fall Contest! Now not everything is completely but we're kicking off the contest that will run until October 15th. Please tell all of your friends as every critter can enter.

Chey has the latest news on her campaign.
Tiki & Tavi are really busy snuggling.
As are Merlin & Dragonheart.
Sammy & Miles have their exciting weekend report!
Castle is remembering Storm and giving us an update and great idea for Christmas cards!
HRH Yao-lin needs some assistance.
Its Sam's 9th birthday today!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exciting Announcement

Hey efurryone!! Remember this? This was an awesome contest that Latte came up with this past spring. It was great! Well, I was talking to Latte the other day and he said that maybe we could have a Autumn Contest like the Spring Contest. So, we are 'acited to announce that we will be hafing an Autumn Contest!! Now, in order to help Latte and I, we need to get some votes on the following issues:

Does you all want a donation to a needy kitty? The Spring contest was for us when we was hafing bad money prollems. If you wants a donation, WHO do you want it to go to? If not, do you just want prizes with no donation or something in place of a donation to a needy kitty?

So, in the comments, please leave your vote like this:

Donation - YES or NO
If yes: Needy Kitty - name (like Mr Milky for example).
If no: other idea.

Next week we will have more details and the results of the voting.

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello there! Welcome to another great Meezer Rule Wednesday!!

My rule for today:

standing on the human litterbox when the people have to use it makes for some very colorful language from the beans. And it's really fun.

As always, leave a link or a comment!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meezer Monday

Latte is taking the day off so I will put up the Meezer Monday post!!

Castle is still trying to make friends with his new brother Timmy. It's going slowly but there is progress

Tiki and Tavi were kicking back this weekend helping their mom feel better

Merlin has a great movie!

and LOOK! a picture of the beautiful Ninna

Kimo is hanging out while the family and blurpy girl are away. with NO NIP

The lovely Sabrina (and her brothers Sam and Simon) are back after their parents went on a long weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello efurryone!! Sorry for the late post today, but you know how typists are, falling asleep at the keyboard.

So, my rule for today is - do everything you can to keep the beans awake all the time to serve your needs.

I can't wait for your rules!

Chey is going green

Latte is demanding fall air

The Krasota Castle cats are staring........

Merlin has another great rule about sharing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe we're half way thought September? I can't!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

So WOW!! Did you see that post yesterday about all the new meezers blogging? Incredible!!! we are taking over the world!!!!

This is why our rules are so important - so that we all have the same knowledge. When total werld domination happens, no one will know what hit them!!

and speaking of not knowing that hit them, my rule for today is: when the humans are shopping for a cell phone, weight should be a factor. Thin small phones are great, but they are more apt to just fly off a night stand and hit a bean in the head.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

New Blogging Meezers!

OK, so this week there have been lots of new meezer bloggers! Please let me know if I forgot anyone.

Toulouse is blogging now, he's a big famous Catster kitty.

Castle has a new "friend" named Timmy. They aren't sure of each other yet but they're working on it.

And meet Dante a new friend adopted by our friends at Furry Paws.

OK, I think that's it. Wow, more meezer domination!!

Miles reminded us of Moe the Burmese!

And Victor another Burmese.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Today is my birthday so along with leaving your linkies come on over to celebrate!!

Something interesting will happen on Kimo's blog on Wednesday.

The Meezers certainly had a busy weekend!
Chey has her her paws filled with more specism.

Castle remembers storm and has noticed some strange smells...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!! What a weekend! Our very own Chairman Mao got married last Saturday to his dream girlcat Ariel. Thank you to all who attended the wedding!

I hope you all have some great rules today!

Here's mine:

If you mistakenly come running when your human makes "sick or injured kitty meows" make sure that you get some treats for your embarassment.

As always leave a link or a comment!!!

Now that he's a mancat, Merlin has a rule about thanking others

The Meezer Bun can jingle bells any time she wants!

Chey is out to stop specie-ism

Tiki was not feeling well last night!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!! It's the un-official end to the summer Meezer Rules this week. WOW, the year has gone fast!!!!

I can't wait to see what you have for rules this week!!

My rule for today: shoving the kitten aside in order to get your fair share of foods is always ok.

As always, leave a link or a comment!

Merlin is the preventer of reading at his house!

'lando has his own rule about protecting the meezer bun

Gabrielle knows that it's important to be regal!

Tavi helps to make the bed while Tiki gets to be first to lay on it

Chey has put her foot down about the job situation at her house.

Chey's husband Latte has a rule about his pictures

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meezer Monday

I hope you all had a better weekend than I did. Meowmy locked herself out on the front porch to "study" because apparently a house with meezers is not an easy house to study in. Well do you think its easy for me to hunt bugs when she's around making noise? I mean really?!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday everyone!! I am really looking forward to your rules for today!!!!

Before I move on to the rules, I would like to remind you all that our very own Chairman Mao is getting married to the lovely Ariel on August 30 at 1pm. Please leave your well wishes posts on their wedding blog!!! Log into the blogger dashboard with the following information:
user ID: arielandmaowedding
password: concatulations
It's a Caribbean wedding, so wear your island clothes if you wish. You does not haf to.

Ok, on to the rules.

My rule for today is: Making sure that the last thing your beans see on the way out of the house in the morning to go day hunting is your sad little face. Then go take a nap or whap everything off the tables in the house until they come home. Then show them your sad face again.

As always, leave a comment or a link

Ayla never misses an opportunity for begging for treats!

Tiki and Tavi are singing that old song "Love the One You're With"

Merlin is flaunting his awesome tan lines

For Chey, if she doesn't want a rule, she doesn't have to have one.

the Krasota Castle kittens are practicing for the 2012 Olympics (caution: SQUEEEEEEE photo)

Fiona is nanners for nanners!!!!

Latte has the laser beams on for killing toys

Caroline is wondering if it's nip time

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meezer Monday

Hi Meezers! Did you miss me? I missed you all so much. It really frustrated me not to be able to hug my friends this past week but my Meowmy just wasn't around. Gamma took good care of us and let me kill Kaze's favorite toy- the Butterfly that Dragonheart and Merlin sent her. So she's sad and I'm laughing.

Sorry I'm late updating! We had 800+ posts to read to catch up. Tomorrow we'll be up to normal commenting capacity!

Chairman Mao
is in a box. What meezer doesn't like a box?
Cheysuli is dealing with rumors of running for VP. Pshaw, she's going to the top!
Kimo has a great sock drawer for napping.
Tiki is practicing "the look".
Tara's helping clean out the closets. Did you hear she's moving to the Mountain House?
Merlin has the coolest tan ever. Seriously, its SO cool! Oh, and he had a nice vacation.
Castle is remembering Storm and her cute nickname of Kormie.
Sammy is the master of disguise! And snuggling.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

It's Meezer Rule Wednesday!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I cannot wait to read all of your great rules this week!!!

My rule for this week is: whining and crying, even if it's babyish and not attractive, will get you whatever you want.

As always, leave a link or a comment!!

Chey has a great rule about revenge.

Molly at Krasota Castle is demonstrating good parenting techniques

Tavi knows who makes the real rules in his house

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meezer Monday

This is Miles Meezer. We at Meezer Tails are not posting for Meezer Monday today, as we are just too sad about Sprout. However, I am putting this post up for anyone who is making a Meezer Monday post.

Leave a link or a comment!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Fellow Meezers. We are back this week as we continue on with Dino's legacy - Meezer World Domination.

My rule for today: always leave them wondering where the dirty paw prints came from. Especially if you're an indoor only kitty.

As always, leave a link or comment!

Chey has her first campaign ad!

Latte has a great rule about looking pathetic when the beans leave

Merlin has a rule about modeling for pictures

The gang at Krasota Castle have a great rule about Ham-mick space

Tiki has a great rule about holding his chin up

Ayla has a great rule about getting comfortable

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had great weekends! I will be away next Monday as my humans are going away for the week. So does any other meezer want to host Monday? We'd love to draw some more meezers into posting here! Let me know.

The Crazy Meezers have an awesome video! Its a must see.

Kimo is dealing with "da stink" on his dad's camera gear.

Tiki & Tavi have some fun pictures.

Merlin is playing with the bestest toy like effur (according to Kaze).

is remembering Storm and her love of nature videos.

Miles gives the exciting update on their weekend.

Cheysuli's getting more bad press, this time because she's a meezer.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dino Rule Wednesday

We are "going dark" today so that Dino's last Meezer Rule can take center stage. See you all next Wednesday

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

on July 30 there will be no Meezer Rule Wednesday post here at Simply Siamese. Dino was the inspiration behind Meezer Rule Wednesday and his last rule will be posted this Wednesday.

Thank you

Sammy Meezer

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meezer Monday!

Hi! Just checking stuff out....

Please go visit Dino's family - they have an announcement, and becuase of this there will be no Meezer Rule Wednesday this week. (posted by Sammy - now back to Latte and the rest of Meezer Monday)

is getting some press on her Friday wanderings.

Chairman Mao
is really laying on the charm!

Kavan is deading the evil blanket monster!

Merlin's Dad is back and his mom did quite the amazing thing yesterday!

has quite a busy day of watching his Mom ahead of him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings Meezers!!!! Wow, it's Meezer Rule Wednesday again!!! Time shur flies, doesn't it?

My rule for today is a very important rule! If you are on a table or windowsill or something, always know where your feets are - and keep them away from the edge. Failure to do so will lead to embarassment that no Meezer should ever have to endure.

As always, leave a comment or link!

Have a wonderful Meezer Rule Wednesday

SKITTLES is auctioning off a DKM made MEEZER SNUGGLE - please stop by her blog and check it out and please bid!! I mean, a MEEZER SNUGGLE!!!!!

Chey is smarter than her mom! (well, of course! she's a meezer and her mom is not!)

our favorite Meezer Bun Fiona is rockin' the Meezer 'tude awesomely this week! You go girl!!!

Latte reminds us to not make ourselfs look silly


The Krasota Castle gang have a new job - weather forecaster

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meezer Monday

Many of you will recognize this item. It may look like a pink mouse to you but to me its my most prized possession. So prized that I hide it even from myself most days. What is the special occasion that brought out my schmousie? Well Kaze was Out of Doors on the harness. That meant that I could play in peace! I knew just where I'd last seen it many many months ago (probably like 6 months!). Its rare that I get personal schmousie time but I'm always waiting for it.

What did you do this weekend my meezer friends?

Tara is working on getting her Monty Q down.

Kimo is bored.

As usual Sammy's "mom" is depriving him.

is hanging with Dragonheart.

is adding baseball to her many talents.

Castle is checking out some cool new gifts/toys.

Tiki & Tavi had a great weekend meeting bloggers! And they will soon have a new addition.

Yao-lin has all of the moves!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!! I am excited to read your rules today!!! I know they will all be good!

My rule for today: tickling the sleeping people with your tail is sure to bring hours of entertainment in an otherwise dreary night.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Tara is preparing for bug whapping

Merlin is using Dragonheart for a pillow

The gang at Krasota Castle demand rewards for posing for the flashy box

Chey wants current pikshurs and reminds us to be nice to other species

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meezer Monday

K so I have a question for you. Isn't it normal to try to cover a spot on the floor that was just bleached? Kind of like you'd cover in the box? And then its totally normal to roll around on the bleach spot, right? So why was my Meowmy laughing at me and calling me weird?

Big meezer news! Introducing Cato the Meezer- Manx! He's a cousin of the Meowers from Missouri. He doesn't blog but isn't he cute?

Cheysuli is miffed about voter's loyalty.

Kavan is eating tasty treats.

Merlin is exploring the great Out of Doors!

Sammy asks a silly question.

remembers Storm on Mondays. Today its about her way of eating crunchies.

Toby is "cardboarding". I don't know either but it looks like fun!

wonders again upon human stupidity.

Junior's mom isn't feeling well so she's at home with him and Orion.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!! I am looking forward to your wonderful rules today!!!

Here is my rule for today: Sometimes, just being good will catch the people so off guard that they will keep asking you what's wrong.

As always, leave a comment or a link!!

Merlin says it's always ok to show your beans affection.

Chey reminds us to think of her today - she's having dental work done and we don't want her to lose her lovely teefs.

The cats at Krasota Castle are doing a wonderful job of driving the beans crazy with open the door requests.

Don't give bad nicknames to the Meezer Bun (you're very cute Fiona, but I agree, that nickname is awful)

Latte says to attack the things that smell like horsies.

Tiki and Tavi give pointers for sharing a ham-mick

Dino has the bestest rule ever!!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday! Also, happy 200th post to Simply Siamese!!

Um yeah...and also...Happy Blogoversary to Simply Siamese ahem....on June 13th. Human slackers- what are you going to do with them?

I have a sticky person friend. He's 4 and he's my human cousin. I love him lots as he's very gentle and we have the same color eyes. Whenever he comes over I hang around him and sometimes we pay tag. I guess sticky people aren't so bad after all. My Meowmy always expects me to dislike them but I really love them!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Purr for Junior

Our good friend Junior is not feeling well at all. He was at the vet's all day yesterday and they can't find anything wrong with him. He isn't keeping food down and he's cranky. Everyone please purr for him and his Meowm- she's really worried about him!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Wednesday fellow Meezers!! Can you believe that it's Meezer Rule Wednesday again!! WOO HOOO!!!!

Well, my rule for today is: changing channels on the talky box in the middle of the night is a good way to freak the people out. and give them weird dreams too.

As always, please leave a comment or a link!!!

Merlin has a great rule about modeling

Chey is all about the house trashing at Kimo and Sabi's house

DO NOT TOUCH the meezer. Oh Latte, will they never learn?

MaoMao has invented new kinds of tent fun!

A big welcome to Castle and his first ever Meezer Rule! and it's a good one about health!

Tiki is looking extra cute - and it pays well!

The cats at Krasota Castle are very musical!

The gang at Cat Crossings is doing more snoopervision

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meezer Monday

OK, this is just plain mean. Do I look like a "Meezer Sausage" to you? My Meowmy and Toy Man think I'm getting a little um....rotund for my small size. So in their infinite wisdom they are now calling me their little sausage. Great. Yet another reason for my general disdain of humans.

Everyone's been busy! First of all check out Meezer-Hero Kimo!

Next we have some cute Meezer Kittens that Junior wants us to say hi to! Also Junior isn't feeling well, he's yakking and growling when his mom touches his belly.

Storm's Brother Castle now has a blog of his own!

Miles does a good job on summing up their weekend.

Chey has her hat back!

Tiki & Tavi are squeezing together.

Merlin went for a nice stroll.

Kavan takes on fast food and naps.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good morning Meezers!!!! Can you believe it's already Meezer Rule Wednesday!!! Time is flying!!

I am just so happy with how many of you continue to participate - the more we learn the quicker we achieve total world domination!!!

So, here's my rule for today:
Being stealth is a good trait - it allows you to sneak into forbidden spaces, thereby making the humans wonder how the heck you got there.

As always, leave a link or a comment

At Krasota Castle, they're looking a little "pail"

Chairman Mao is looking inskr..........inscr...........like he's up to nothing!

Chey picked up a great endorsement

Latte is sunning himself

Merlin is just way too cute

Dino won't tell his secret word. Good Meezer

Monday, June 23, 2008


Look, we've been given an award by Skeeter because his sisfur Ayla loves having a meezer place to hang out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday fellow Meezers!! The start of yet another week is upon us. I sure hope this one is a good one.

is now taking a stand on reading! I think its a wonderful idea.

Kavan's playing with Mr. & Mrs. Magnet!

Merlin is hot! But as usual...adorable.

Sammy is exhausted from wedding planning! Who could blame him?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good morning Meezers! Sorry for the late post, my typist fell asleep last night! How dare she!

It's a chilly and rainy Meezer Rule Wednesday here this week. Wasn't Meezer Color Day last week WONDERFUL!!!! Everyone looked so great with their colors!!

My rule for today: After a busy day of doing meezer things (like whapping), make sure you curl up with your human so that they will forget all the bad stuff you did (like whapping).

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday everyone! What a great week that will start of with Ayla's birthday bash today! See the post below for more info on that. Also, wow- Meezer Colors Day was SO much fun!!

Today I did take over our blog to post my anatomy of a stretch. I won't be able to update today so make sure you leave a linky!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meezer Birthday Bash!

LC an Ayla are throwing a mutual Birhday Party June 16. They will have lots of cool stuff like "boxes and bags ta play in, toys, good foods like shrimpsies and ham, there will be fresh Nip, etc."

The Chatzy will bring you right into their house!. They will post the URL an password on our bloggie the day of the party.

Ayla's Blog

Friday, June 13, 2008

Until we meet again.......

Saying goodbye is just too hard. Until we meet at the Bridge Stormie.............

We will always love you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Storm gave us this award earlier this week! Thanks Stormie, we love you!

More of that Marketing Meezer!

Here is one of the ones where our meezer model is on the human's shoulders. I don't know though, I think our humans take better pictures of our eyes than this. I sure hope this meezer was compensated well!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Storm's Final Days

is celebrating all of her wonderful amazing accomplishments before her final goodbye and goes to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday afternoon. Its a lucky day for her Mom's and we will always remember the date and smile for our amazing friend Storm. She wants us all to stay strong, so I'm trying for her, but its pretty hard.

This is one of my favorite memories of Storm- the day we all went on a tour of London with her! She was so fiesty, fun, creative, sweet, loving.....well there aren't enough adjectives. She truly was The Most Beautiful Siamese Cat in the World. A title which she won fair and square.

Don't worry Storm, we're going to take good care of Castle and your Mommies!!! We'll also all be purring for your safe crossing on Friday afternoon.


Meezer Color Day

Fellow Meezers! The day is upon us. MEEZER COLOR DAY IS HERE!!!! It is an exciting day throughout the blogosphere. (SHEESH Sammy, you're being really dramatikal! - Miles).

Well I hopes that you all posted wonderful pictures of yourselfs wif your colors!!!!

Check out my blog for Miles and my colors!

Please leave your link or a comment below!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammy!!

Today is the 4th Birthday of our dear friend and wonderful Meezer Reporter Sammy!! Lets TRASH his house as only a crowd of meezers can!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Meezer Monday!

My Meowmy calls me a spoiled little rat. Well she called all of us spoiled as we got to stay inside in the cold blowy air while it was 100+ degrees Out of Doors. It was chilly in here so I decided to snuggle in the blanket while my Meowmy was passed out on the love seat panting like a woofie. Is it hots where you live? What's up with my Meezer Friends?


Don't forget that this Wednesday instead of Meezer Rules it is Show Your Meezer Colors! Find out more at the creator of Meezer Rules. As an example my above picture is perfect for showing off my meezer colors.

Cheysuli is going to have a dental soon from Georgia's homeopathic vet.

Kimo can't get any space to himself.

Merlin is having some toy domination.

Tavi had to meet a woofie yesterday.

Miles is taking a nap.

Mr. Echo has an update on Tony Stewart (he's a NASCAR driver) living with Meezers!! What a great reason to like "Smoke".

reports that Baby Mao is at the vets over night with an infection. You can tell how worried Yao-lin is....

Victor shows us his meezer friend the Siamese Fighting Fish!

Junior is showing us how nice a crinkle sack is to nap on.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Meezers in Marketing!

So you know how humans get paper stuffed in that box and then they either get rid of it or groan about paying "bills"? Well my Meowmy was dancing all over the place when the Toy Man opened a marketing thing for the White House/Black Market and found this:
Inside they even had this very adorable Chocolate Point meezer draped over the model's shoulders. Just one more example of how we're taking over!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Peace Globe

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hi Efurryone - today is the blog blast for Peace (and Latte, what a beautiful job you did!). If you wish to leave a link or comment with a rule, please do!!

Don't forget, next Wednesday is Meezer Color Day!!!! Show us your colors!!!!

My Rule for today: Give Peace a chance.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday everyone! I'm not sure what I would do if I couldn't get to post on Mondays. My weekend was filled with Meowmy snuggles and purrs and of course a lack of treats and food- as I'm sure you all can relate. As its Summer now my humans just don't hang around much in the house during the day. So what is a meezer supposed to do to entertain himself??

First of all....a VERY Happy Meezer Birthday to Sabrina! and Scout!!

Secondly, Storm's Mommie ran her race for Stormie!! You have to see the cool medal. Stormie is having ups and downs so lets all be sure to rally our support around our Fury Fighter!

Cheysuli is very busy breaking in a nice new rug. You know how hard it is to properly fur something new.

Tiki & Tavi
are chilling at their Papa's while the move is complete.

Merlin is 9 months old today! Wow, he's bigger than me already. Maybe I won't try to wrassle him.

Uh-oh....Miles is in BIG TROUBLE.

Yao-lin & Stormie went on a date! Check out the amazing photos.

Junior is punishing his mom for half a weekend away and strange smells.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

OH MY CAT!! Fellow Meezers!!!! Today is a great day!!!! Not only is it Meezer Rule Wednesday, but over at Cat Crossings (the brains behind Meezer Rule Wednesday), there's a new happening!! Stop by there today and check out Meezer Color Day- it will be June 11, but you will have to go visit Cat Crossings for all the details!!!! I is SOOOOO 'acited!!!!

Ok, so here's my rule for today:

Keeping secrets is hard, but if anycat can do it, Meezers can!!!!

As always, leave a link or a comment!

Latte is all about the compromise today

Yao-lin is all about fooling his brother with snuggling

Chey has a rule about getting shot at.

Sweet Fiona has a new fort. and some rules about it

All the toys belong to me. OH, WAIT. All the toys belong to MERLIN! (but only the ones in Germany)

Where there's a nap, there's a way a Krasota Castle

Don't even THINK about mentioning the B-werd around Scout (b-a-t-h! EEK!) or she will hiss!

Tavi is taking advantage of the extra snuggle day

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello Meezers!!! I hope it's not too hot or cold where you are (it akshually SNOWED where mommy werks on Toosday for about 10 minutes).

My rule for today is: always assist your moms (or dads) with cleaning by dumping water from your water dish onto the floor at every opportunity.

As always, leave a link or comment!! I look forward to reading all the rules

Latte is one vishus dude!!

Chey's rule is JOIN THE BLOGLBAST FOR PEACE!!! you should you know

Baby Mao also doesn't like to give up toys!! I wonder if he's as vishus as Latte

Tiki is using the dog bed. or doing laundry. no, meezers would never do laundry

Merlin is showing off some great graphics!

Evita at Krasota Castle is demanding all the comforts due her

Yao-lin gives advice on posing for pictures!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kimo's Contest!

What a fun contest! Everyone should enter as every entry wins money to CFHF!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meezer Monday

Mini-Meeze has always been one of my nick names. I guess because my big brother is so much bigger than me? I don't mind though because humans are rarely mad at me but easily mad at him. Since my family is now sharing a blog The Cats P I will be sharing my Meezer Monday posts here with all of you! This means more time for me and other meezers, of course. Meowmy promised me that this will help her be able to keep up with everyone else's monday posts. So please promise you'll come visit me here on Mondays!!


Cheysuli is being very selfless and giving up golfing.

Merlin is staring in a tunnel movie!

Kimo is holding a cool new contest, go check it out!! Jump & Shout

Tavi was a very helpful meezer brofur when Tiki hurted his tail.

Miles girlfriend Sanjee sent him some awesome gifties for his birthday!

Storm is back on chemo after her low white blood cell count last week. She's also getting her favored treatment but more importantly- chickhen!

Poor Yao-lin has no pictures of himself!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Purr for Cato!


UPDATE: Cato came through the surgery with flying colors. The vet feels that whatever the results of the pathology test, the mass was removed with clean margins. Now he must stay inside over night, which is a great trial. He is also having trouble eating. The pathology report is due on Tuesday. "Thank you for your concern about my health!"
Our good friend Cato is currently having some emergency surgery. His mom "took him in for a routine shot and the vet discovered a growth under his tongue. They are putting him under as I write and he should be able to go home by 5pm. The pathology report will take about three days. Best case scenario is that he has had an allergic reaction, given his history this is a good possibility. Worst case he has squamous cell cancer - fast and invasive. I am quite upset. Send some healing thought his way for the best case scenario."

Everyone send Cato healing purrs!!!

Goodbye sweet Caesar

We have lost a very handsome friend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings fellow meezers. As we move towards our ultimate goal of Total World Domination, let us take the time to stop and read the Rules!!!

Here is mine: In the quest for total pillow domination, yakking on the pillow in the middle of the night is not the greatest idea. Kicking the beans in the head is a much better tactic.

As always, leave a comment or link!!!

Tavi warns about sleeping in cute positions

Scout is pulling out all the stops to reinforce to her mom that she is in charge, not the mom

Over at Krasota Castle the roses and the cats are lovely to look at

Merlin is 'vestigating the snacks

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meezer Monday

Hello every meezer! Did you have great weekends? Or did your humans disappoint you as usual? Mine sure did nothing great to speak of.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!! I hope it's a great day where you are! The rules are just getting more awesome by the week and I can hardly wait to read them today!

Here's mine:

Sometimes boycotting stinky goodness is not a good idea, if there is no backup stinky goodness in the house.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

Meezer Bun Fiona is snoopervising dinner prep (looks good Fi!)

Tavi has 2 rules!! One is about skritchs and the other is a rule about WHAPPING!! WHAPPING THE MOM!!! Tavi, you make me so happy!

Over at Krasota Castle there's a lot of snuggling going on!

Latte is on patrol! His neighborhood is now safe!

Chey is biding her time during the primaries. Smart decision Chey!

At Cat Crossings we are advised to take advantages of our priviliges

Storm says to be proud of our pedigree names

Ayla says Never nip the hand that give you nip

Caroline advises us to trust our instincts about our siblings

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Meezer Monday

Happy Monday every meezer!  So what were your weekends like?  Any good Meezer-World-Domination stories to share??

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knock Knock

Calling all Cats! Don't forget to post your knock-knock jokes today!

Tiki & Tavi
are holding a fund raiser for Mama Laura so post those jokes!!!

Knock- Knock
Who's there?
Simply Siamese.
Simply Siamese who?
Why, Simply Siamese the cats who are taking over the world!!

(OK, so I'm not that creative today but hey, I know everyone else is!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Greetings Meezers!!! It's Wednesday again. It's not very spring-like here - it might just snow here! But, I am all ready to read your rules and learn lots of great stuff!

Here's my rule for the day:

When the beans come home from werk, make sure that you position yourself by the door on your back and play "flat cat" - it will bring a smile to their faces and put you in purrfekt position for extra pets and lovings.

As always, please leave a comment or a link!

Tiki likes making the mom SQUEEE while Tavi is King of the box. Don't forget their "Knock Knock" contest tomorrow!!!!

Merlin is trying not to take silly quizzes to seriously. (BTW Merlin, Billy was Johnny Knoxville too - it must be a kitten thing. You will grow out of it)

Cheysuli gets tough when the tough get going. But I am not sure about the whole Fidel Castro thing.

The Krasota Castle gang have great pointers for posing (or not) for pictures.

Darling meezer bun Fiona is so cute I'd give her my treats. If she likes tem-tay-shuns. Her friend Archi Ann has a Dutchie bun rule!! BUNS RULE!!!

Latte advocates hogging all the toys. I am SOOOOOOOOOO in agreement with this rule.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meezer Monday

How was everyone's weekend? Are we ready to start the week off right as we meezers headed for world domination should? I know I had a action packed weekend!


Sammy & Miles give their weekend reports. Sleepy Mom and no HAM!

Kimo is dressed as a chick but I think his blurpy sister is cuter and she won an award!

Tiki shows the love he gets when he gets his bloods tested at night. And don't forget their fund raiser on May 1st! All you have to do is post a knock-knock joke!

Do not look at Cheysuli's picture or I might have to grr at you. Seriously, I'm tiny but fierce!!!!

Storm has some very bad news today. Everyone please go purr with her and her mom.

Yao-lin has a new tool in the war against poo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday!!!! It's turning into a lovely spring, and as we look out the windows, we should be dreaming about Total Werld Domination. And we will achieve this through knowing all the Rules!!!

To get us started, here is MY rule for today:
Make sure that your hiding spots are well hidden and that even with a flashlight they cannot find you there. This will make them panic and go completely insane. And insane beans can be dominated.

As always, please leave a link or a comment!

Sammy Meezer

Merlin has discovered that non-toys make great toys!

Candidate Chey is taking the high road - and is right on track for Total Werld Domination

Latte is resting after a whap fest.

Meezer Bun Fiona demands nose rubs!!! good job Fi!

Krasota Castle advises to be responsible with the nip.

Tiki and Tavi 'vestigate the weird stuff. They is having a fundraiser - please go see!! We will put up a post later in the day wif all the details).

Storm advises us how to avoid the v-e-t. Please go visit and offer some purrss that she is not getting sick again.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Meezer Monday!

I'm back to help you all celebrate the craziest day of the week!!! So what did you meezers do over the weekend? Spring is here so I want to hear all of your crazy exploits. I know Ayla has some really cool Out of Doors stories!

had a nice time watching her humans working hard and has some nice goodies from a going out of business sale at one of her favorite local stores.

is on patrol for boogie monsters. I sure hope he doesn't find any!!

Merlin has a great movie about his box of fun!

Sammy & Miles sure had a WILD weekend!!!

Griffin is totally growing like a weed. I'm shocked!!

HRH Yao-Lin is up to his usual royal things this week.

Tiki & Tavi are investigating and finding cool stuff!

Storm & Castle are looking gorgeous and Storm passed the chick-hen test.

To all friends and readers of Simply Siamese: Meowmy is going to buckle down and get her priorities straight. The past quarter at work kicked her butt but she's getting her stride back! Thanks for hanging in there!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello fellow Meezers! Sammy Meezer here once again to host your Meezer Rule Wednesday. The rules are getting better and better every week and Total Werld Domination is closer at hand!

My rule for today is: sad eyes will get you far in life - and extra food.

As always leave a comment or link!

Miles is staying away from boogers

Latte is redecorating

Fiona is playing flat bun
Merlin is sharing the sleeping bag

Chey is NOT going hunting again

Tatyana at Krasota Castle is pondering how weird beans really are

Tavi is a master of the guilt trip

Ayla discovers NIPPITY NIP NIP NIP

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Happy Monday!  I hope all of you meezers had a great weekend I know I did!!  

I had a great Out of Doors adventure this weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Hello everyone! Happy Meezer Rule Wednesday! I can't wait to see all of your rules today!

My rule is: Dipping your paws in your water bowl, and then putting them on your bean's face will get you a bigger spot on the bed when they get up to see what you put on them. Also, make sure to grumble when they try and move you back to where you were.

As always, leave a comment or a link!

The cats at Krasota Castle have a great rule about beds!!

Chey is snoopervising her human in updating her website

Latte is appreciating time with his family

Yao-lin is annoying his baby brofur

Ayla learned not to whap wine glasses

Over at Cat Crossings they have great rules about photographers!