Monday, June 18, 2007

Millie Beds?

Do you have one of these fabulous beds handmade by the meezer lovers over at Siamese Rescue? They're made by meezer lovers for cat lovers to benefit the Siamese in need. We'd love to have pictures of you enjoying your special beds so we can help spread the word about how wonderful they truly are. Drop us a line!

simplysiamese AT gmail DOT com

Here is one of our Presidential Candidates Cheysuli enjoying her Millie Bed.

Don't forget to check out the post below to see what all of our fellow meezers are up to on Meezer Monday!


Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Wow - those catbeds look so plush and comfy! I would *almost* give up my own bed...but I have fought too hard to take it back, so I want to savour my victory for a bit before I start demanding a Millie Bed!


Anonymous said...

Oh Latte! I am so thrilled to be the model for the Millie bed! I love mine--thank you thank you thank you!

AbsoluteLeigh said...

We have been looking around for a nice comfy bed for snuggling to keep us warm. Do you think we could fit 4 of us in there Chey?

LZ said...

We fit all three of us! It stretches quite well and actually Rocky Mountain Siamese Rescue makes them in Extra Large :).


AbsoluteLeigh said...

Thanks Kaze, we will have to check them out! Mum needs to move us all to the US, we have no good cat stuffs here :(