Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday

Good Morning fellow Meezers (and Meezer Buns, and honorary Russian Blue Meezers!). I hope all of your are well today. I hope to see an active Meezer Rule Wednesday today as well!

To kick things off, here is my rule for the day:

Sticking your paw in a human's mouth while they are sleeping may be fun, but be careful, it could get stuck in there.

Please leave a link or a comment and I will update during the day.

Miles has a rule about counting coins.

Latte reminds us to never admit defeat

Chey has TWO Meezer Rules!!

Sometimes you gotta go....... where everybody knows your name, or to Krasota Castle

Poor Tara reminds us to love our dads too, because they're awsome

Baby Merlin our gorgeous Meezer Sphynx, has a rule about controlling your humans AND behavior at the v-e-t.

Fiona says: It's good to be the Meezer Bun

Chairman Mao advises us on how to maximize cuddling time

Tiki and Tavi also have a great rule about cuddling (wif WOOFIES!)

Scout reminds us it's our right to do as we please.

Yao-lin is having a bunny kicking good time with his rule

While is brother Baby Mao reminds not to get distracted. oooo fev-ver wand!

Caroline is mad at mom for being late with her rule. It's ok Caroline. Some mom's just can't tell time.

Maxie has a rule about excelling in a chosen field. He's a meter-ologist!

Pollux has a meme today!


Anonymous said...

Ewww, why would I put anything in DKM's yucky mouth?!

My Meezer Bun Rule: It’s good to be the meezer bun!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

That is a great rule! I've put a paw in my mom's mouth before, and she immediately got up to rinse it out! Silly humans.

I have a rule about being comfortable today. :) And a bonus rule!


zevo hussein calamari said...

Your mommy is right about the voting problem for independents.... my pet humans are also independent and do not like any of the candidates either... we are so hoping cheysuli really wins!!!!!!!!